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Pre-Med Professor Teaches Self Defense on Campus

Sarah Satkowiak

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To teach students techniques to help keep themselves safe, Student Government and the Women’s Educational Center are putting on a Self-Defense Workshop taught by Dr. Jon Morey.

This program will take place Wednesday, April 6 in Michigan Rooms A and B in the University Center from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and is going to focus on sexual assault prevention in intimate situations.

“Most sexual assaults don’t happen when an attacker jumps out of the bushes,” Amged Eidelsafy, senior biology major and Student Government president said. “This will focus more on uncomfortable situations someone might find themselves in.”

Eidelsafy stated that when he asked Dr. Morey to teach this workshop he forgot that UM-Flint Public Safety puts on Rape Aggression Defense training during each semester, but he felt that Dr. Morey’s expertise in self-defense would give a positive contribution to Sexual Assault Awareness week. Eidelsafy said he believes there will be a great turn out of students because Dr. Morey often has a large number of students participate in his events.

Eidelsafy said the organizations that participated in the presentation of sexual assault awareness week wanted to incorporate an event that discussed self-defense.

“Being proactive can only go so far, so it’s good to have some knowledge on physical force to get out of an unwanted situation,” Eidelsafy said.

Dr. Morey has spent several years studying the human body. He teaches premedical gross anatomy to graduate students in the cadaver lab on campus, and he also teaches a martial arts class on campus. He is a MovNat instructor, which is understanding the different movements of the human body, and he is a fifth degree black belt.

“For this self-defense workshop, I’m going to focus on human movement,” Morey said. “Once someone becomes confident in body movement, and they have good situation awareness it will prevent sexual assaults from occurring.”

Morey stated he believed that any student, regardless or skill or body size, will be able to appropriately learn his self-defense techniques and benefit from the training.

“It’s going to be fighting like a chimp and focusing on a face, hands and groin.” Morey said.

Morey will have assistants in the workshop wearing red man martial arts armory for students to practice their techniques on.

According to Morey, this workshop is not meant to turn students into commandos, but is intended to teach students how important situational awareness is to their own personal safety. He believes situational awareness, and understanding body movements is a much better technique than carrying pepper spray.

“Mace and pepper spray does not affect people in real life like it does in the movies,” Morey said. “Not only is it hard to access in the middle of an assault, but you’re also going to get it all over yourself.”

Instead of utilizing pepper spray or mace in an assault, Morey plans on discussing the use of items that are commonly on hand during an assault like umbrellas, a purse and even a scarf.

He hopes this training will be a starting point for students to receive more experience with self-defense training.

For the future, Morey hopes to have an ongoing MovNat self-defense training to focus more on body movements and situational awareness, rather than the karate style of defense presented in UM-Flint’s public safety RAD trainings.

All students are invited to participate in this free event.

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Pre-Med Professor Teaches Self Defense on Campus