SG to focus on inclusion, sex assault & going green


Photo Credit: Media Submitted

Amir Baz

Student Government is back in action and kicking into high gear.

President Amged Eidelsafy was able to shed some light on the initiatives and plans Student Government has for the semester and the year to come.

The five main platforms for this administration will focus on ending sexual assault, drawing focus to higher education, becoming more inclusive, bringing attention to mental health awareness and becoming more of an eco-friendly campus.

During the summer Eidelsafy and Vice President Mike James got the ball rolling by speaking to administration about the possibility of making a general education requirement course based around diversity and cultural competency.

Student Government partnered with multiple administrators and filed for the grant Governor Snyder made available for campuses to stop the silence surrounding sexual assault. President Eidelsafy explained the three-step process of speaking out against sexual assault.

The first process is the PSA video that will be created that is meant to be a campus-wide involvement video speaking out against sexual assault. The second process is bystander training every Friday, and to raise attendance for this hour-long session students who wish to obtain funds from Student Government this year must attend. Lastly, the student theater is putting on a play about consent and what consent is that will be showing on Sept. 29.

A new initiative that students can expect to hear about will be Mental Health Awareness Week. Eidelsafy is hoping that throughout the year they can plan educational events for students to attend because he believes there isn’t enough awareness of and support for this topic.

With the help of organizations around campus Eidelsafy is hoping that small changes around our university, like lessening the water pressure in bathrooms and installing motion censored lights in the UCEN can help us become a more eco-friendly campus and community.

One of the larger projects that President Eidelsafy will be working is an effort to replace capstone courses with internships. The idea is meant to help better prepare students before they graduate and move on into the workforce.

Some reoccurring initiatives that students can still follow up with from the last Student Government administration are the Mass Transportation Authority bus route. The bus route is still running for students to use and students can download the mobile app to keep track of the bus.

Vice President James is also looking forward with the start of Fall semester. His focus, along with larger picture Student Government, is to be active in the eyes of the students.

“This year I want to mostly focus on being more involved and visible for students, so they can feel like their voice is being heard at all times,” James said. Vice President James plans to play a large role in assisting the senators with completing their own caucuses.

Student Government meetings will be held every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and the meeting place can be found in their office. Currently they are still looking for members and have an opening on their executive board as the Director of University Affairs is open. Be sure to stay tuned and stay in touch to hear for more updates throughout the semester.