UM-Flints Love/Hate Relationship


Photo Credit: Media Submitted

Alexis Harvey

There are experiences that are truly unique to UM-Flint students. Some of these experiences are utterly wonderful, and some of them are completely horrid.

Hate: Winter

It’s a fact, winters in our city are intense. We all have the same winter routine: Wake up, check the weather and then check your email for the glimmer of a chance that class is canceled. Once we realize that class is not canceled and our professors enjoy working for a living, we trudge our way to campus.

If you have class in the William S. White building or North Bank Center, you’re screwed. The lack of necessary skywalks plagues your mind as you make your way through the UCEN. It is cold and walking is not an option. Everyone has called Public Safety in need of heated transportation to and from class at least once. Unfortunately they have wised up to our antics and now send what’s called “walking escorts” to your location.

Love: Diversity

I have a friend that is African American, and his best friend is from Jordan. At our school one does not thirst for a cultural experience. Diversity here is not defined in simple blacks and whites. A beautiful palate of nationalities mingles in our halls year after year.

When you walk in the halls and can hear two to five different languages other than English,” said junior theater major Farrell Tatum.

“You then realize you attend one of the most beautifully diverse and culturally rich campuses in the nation.

Hate: Misconceptions

There are two questions people usually ask you when they hear you go to our university: ’Have you ever seen a gang fight?’ or ‘Where’s that even located?’ There is much more to our expanding college town than speculation would suggest.

Love: Destroying those Misconceptions

Once you inform people that Flint is the birthplace of General Motors and gang violence doesn’t occur as often as overactive imaginations might think, you’ll be able to go on and on about the wonderful things Flint has to offer.

UM-Flint is just up the street from the second-largest collection of art in the state, at the Flint Institute of Arts. Our campus is a short walk from smaller galleries showcasing artists from around the region, such as Buckham Gallery and the Greater Flint Arts Council. There are three exceptional theatres: Flint Youth Theatre, the Whiting and of course our own UM-Flint theatre on the same street. What other college student can say they are steps away from grabbing lunch and grocery shopping at the same time in the Flint Farmers Market?

Being a student at UM-Flint is a wonderfully unique experience. Of course there are things we detest like tuition increases, University Relations and squirrels. The important thing is to realize that we are at this school for at least four years, and it is imperative that we take in the beautiful things surrounding this university. These experiences can impact and inspire us in ways that are unimaginable.