Staples for Fall Fashion

Alexis Harvey

Trends come and go but these items are essential for any autumn wardrobe.


As the weather gets colder your shoes should be getting longer. Boots are a vital part of any wardrobe, male or female. Yes, it’s time to put away the flats (almost) and yes, moccasins are going to get wet and stinky if you wear them in the snow. A good pair of boots provide an extra layer aside from pants and keep your toes freezing off and getting lost in the snow. Boots of leather and suede will be a classic extension to an outfit that is already fierce. You can find these type of boots in most stores that sell shoes. Beware, if you see a cute pair make sure they’ll keep you warm. Sure, Charlotte Russe has amazing sales, but in my black thigh-highs I have to wear thick socks to keep my calves from freezing off.


The college-kid-don’t-care-classic. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or are just keeping warm, beanies are a great solution for those that need to be practical and fashionable. Usually knitted, the beanie or skull cap is a genderless accessory that can give any university student that cozy look. Natural girls beware, if your hair is not in a protective style-corn rows, flat twists, singles, bantu knots etc. – the wool or wool like material of a beanie could break your hair off. So, protect those ends.


If you live in Michigan and don’t own a scarf you’re in for a frigid wake-up call in the upcoming months. The scarf has come a long way from the days of our parents wrapping us up to play outside. As far as this article of clothing goes, it’s all about how you wear it. There are over 80 thousand videos on YouTube that are about different ways that one can style a scarf around their neck. No excuses for not finding your own fabulous way to rock one.

Earthy Nude Colors

Your wardrobe doesn’t stop at clothing, make up is vital to completing your fall look. Now is the time for colors that match our environment. The Leaves are turning shades of brown, burgundy, and orange, pumpkins are beginning to pop up everywhere. Think of these colors when putting together a look.


Unless you’re Ashley Tisdale circa 2005, you can never go wrong with layers. The essentials here are sweaters and cardigans. Here is where one could really play with colors. Pair an olive green shirt with a burgundy cardigan and you’re good to go. There is no limit to the possibilities. The kimono shrug has been popping up all over the fashion world this season. It keeps you warm while you look chic.
The name of the game for fall fashion is keeping warm while looking amazing. There is no limit to what you can wear. These essentials may not be essential to everybody. Don’t like earthy nude colors? You don’t have to wear them. Don’t want to wear a beanie? Wear a top hat. Fashion is an art and everyone is an artist.

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