Four things People with Eczema can Relate to

Alexis Harvey

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October is National Eczema Awareness month. This cure-less skin condition affects 35 million Americans. It is so prominent that the hashtag “eczema problems” has swept through social media. For those who aren’t blessed with this certain affliction here’s a list of the things people with eczema go through on the daily.



1. You itch. Everywhere.
The most common component of eczema is the itching. This isn’t your normal everyday itch. This is an itch that was sent from Satan himself. It lives under the surface and your fingernails are trowels attempting to dig through concrete. You scratch and scratch but are not aware that you’re hurting yourself until you see blood on your hands. It’s an itch that cannot be scratched, a pain that defies comparison.


2. Misconceptions
You can just put lotion on it right? Isn’t it just like a mosquito bite? These are only a few of the questions those with eczema receive on a regular basis. Thank you for your concern, but I cannot accept your berry blue sparkle lotion to put on my inflamed arm. Simply rubbing non-medicated lotions and creams will not instantly cure the itching. For many, this can make the irritation increase.

3. What’s that?!
There is something disheartening about scratching in public and receiving stares from concerned on-lookers. What’s that? Can I catch it?

“I think the only time someone has ever said anything was when it was really bad and I was itching it started bleeding.” Said Ashley Kok, UM-Flint alum, “and their response was, ‘Ewww, that’s really gross, get away I don’t want to catch it.’ It was in middle school so I doubt they knew exactly what it was.”

Those of us who have eczema on our bottoms know the awkwardness that is scratching your butt in public and not even realizing that this behavior is not accepted in American society.

4. Finally, the home remedies.

Don’t you love it when strangers try to give you advice about your body?
“My aunt’s cousin’s dog’s girlfriend’s big sister used this on their skin, you should try it.”

As with any other ailment, there is always a health guru that thinks that they have the answers to all of your problems. Most of these people can’t even spell eczema, but their baby soft skin and essential oils have given them a high that makes them believe that they are honorary dermatologists.

“I hate when people who don’t have it try to tell me an at home remedy like “just….” I also hate when people stare at my patches,” said LeAnn Price in response to a personal Facebook poll.

Though eczema can be pretty awful, one thing that can make the experience better is knowing that there are others going through the same thing. The itchiness, the questions, and the friends that really do mean well when they suggest all sorts of crazy Pinterest medications that don’t work. When people with eczema find other people with eczema it’s like they’ve gained admittance to a secret society of cocoa butter and aloe Vera lotions.

Special thanks to all of those that participated in the Facebook poll.

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