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Two Arrested in Connection to Assault on Campus

Jyothsna Ganesh

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A female UM-Flint student was assaulted by two men in the Mill Street parking ramp at 4:40 p.m. on Wednesday, October 28.

The suspects, both minors, were caught and taken into custody within two hours, after they were spotted walking at the north end of the campus, according to Ray Hall, Director of the Department of Public Safety. Hall was unable to comment on the suspect’s motives due to their minor status. The two men had their hearing this afternoon.

The suspects approached the victim as she was getting into her car and attempted to pull her out. They were unsuccessful as she fought back, while yelling and screaming for help. When people started gathering, the suspects fled on foot in the direction of Fifth Avenue.

The victim immediately called DPS to report the incident and give them a detailed description of the suspects. One was described as a black male of approximately five-feet, nine inches in height with medium build, wearing light blue hoodie and jeans, while the other suspect was noted to be taller at approximately six-feet tall and thin, wearing a dark blue hoodie, faded blue jeans and tennis shoes.

“She is a very brave woman. She was very calm after the incident and gave a very detailed description of the two men, which is very difficult after a frightening experience. Without her clear description and timeliness of reporting, we couldn’t have solved the crime,” said Hall.

Once the report was made, DPS focused its resources in solving the crime and apprehending the suspects. A member of the facilities and operations here on campus spotted the suspects walking and quickly called DPS to report, despite uncertainty in their identity. DPS officers instantly reached the spot, and once identified, they were taken into custody at 7:12 p.m. without incident. There are surveillance cameras in the parking ramps that DPS operates. ITS was readily available to pull up and put together the necessary video footage to gather more evidence and wrap up the case.

“This was tremendous team work. It is also good to know that our students are truly engaged; they lit up the phone lines calling to know what happened. This is a campus where people have each other’s backs,” said Hall.

It is not unusual for crimes to take place in the late afternoon to evening. It is paramount that students come forth and report these incidents. DPS has safety tips listed on their website. Hall’s personal advice is that students walk in areas that are well lit, and completely avoid dark alleys and corners.

“If somebody grabs you, then scream and yell to draw attention to yourself. Also, be a good witness; notice any distinguishing feature, like earrings, tattoos,” said Hall.

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Two Arrested in Connection to Assault on Campus