Ghosts in the Attic

Don Lierman

Ghost hunting is all the rage these days. The paranormal has become popular with all the television shows promising the secret to afterlife.

Why does one look for ghosts? The belief in apparitions from another plane dates back as far as the Old Testament.

One of the first ghost investigations in history was written down by Pliny the Younger (100 A.D.), according to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. The story was apocryphal as it relied on hearsay evidence nearly one hundred years old. A house in Athens was supposedly haunted by the specter of a chained, emaciated man.

Tell someone you believe in ghosts and they will either agree or call you mad.

Well, I may be crazy, but I believe it when I see it. I have lived in a haunted house for over a half century. From apparitions to moving beds to a feeling of fear and loathing that would have driven Mr. Thompson to the peyote, I have dealt with the weird and the interactions have definitely turned pro at times.

My parents were normal people, not prone to the fancies of an only child whose parents both worked. My father believed in a good and evil spirit that roamed this hundred-year old habitat. My mother saw an old woman scurry across the floor of her bedroom. Once my father passed, she would not sleep in the upstairs bedroom again.

Since I have battled “something different” for over a quarter of a century, I want some sort of confirmation of the veracity of my claims or just an affirmation of a new strain of my strangeness.

An acquaintance pointed me to “Into the Afterlife Paranormal.” So I took a leap of faith to not only learn more about my own situation, but the ghost hunting process in general.

I spoke to Brian Danhausen, founder, lead investigator and event coordinator, to lean more. Danhausen has been investigating the paranormal for more than eight years and established “Into the Afterlife Paranormal” in 2012.

“I have had numerous experiences in my investigations,” said Danhausen. “I make sure that I can always verify my experiences before I present them as real.”

Lead investigator Shantell Bennett has also experienced the paranormal.

“When conducting electronic voice phenomena over my pets, I have heard names,” said Bennett. “A computer chair rolled across the floor. A toy car moved a little bit forward and then went backwards. A female laugh was heard in the upstairs bedroom. This was captured on a recording.”

When the investigators came to my door, they conducted an initial investigation in a professional manner. They conducted electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and used a spirit box in the areas of concern. After an initial investigation they will return if evidence warrants.

An EVP is an electronic recording that is possible paranormal communication. A spirit box is a tool used to ask questions to spirits and is able to receive a type of answer.

“Research is the main way to start,” said Danhausen. “You must research the people involved, perhaps research of the property. Sometimes it is the land and not the home or building.

Investigations can come at a price. The process may unleash unforeseen results.

“Activity can definitely increase,” said Danhausen. “The undertaking can stimulate activity. The inquiry can call denizens of the afterlife, whether they were there previously or not. The dead are everywhere … all you have to do is call to them.”

So, I don’t actually drink alone. I host a party whenever I start talking to the walls. Wow, I thought I was just talking to myself. On the serious side, the situation may call for a cleansing (GOD, I hope not sobriety) to return a state of normalcy.

“A cleansing is the removal of an entity or energy from a place or a person,” said Danhausen. “With an individual it is commonly referred to as a smudging.

“When my team does a cleansing we base it off of the client’s religion. We go from room to room “hotting” all of the corners and working our way out. Once out of the room we seal it with salt so that the entity or energy cannot re-enter the finished area.

“We work from top to bottom and back to front until we push it out of the front door … sealing it out.”

Pass the salt, please. All jokes aside, if you have been in the presence of the paranormal, much the same as one who has experienced religious rapture, no amount of naysaying from scientists and atheists will ever convince you otherwise.

“I do not believe anyone will ever convince the scientific community,” said Danhausen. “They will dismiss evidence or adapt any research to fit their own paradigm and label it differently. Evidence is more a personal trophy to us. Once you have experienced the paranormal, you KNOW. There will always be doubters who will dismiss proof, no matter how credible.”

The investigation itself is pending but activity has stepped up. So, either I am getting madder or I’ve struck a phantom nerve. Either way, due to an even more phantasmal cash flow, I must stick it out in an irrational home, not of my own choosing.

If I could just get enough ghosts for a decent euchre game.

To contact “Into the Afterlife Paranormal”, visit their Facebook page, , or phone 586-533-2750.