New Club Looks to Reinvent Shakespeare on Campus

Don Lierman

If you enjoy the work of Shakespeare and relating it to our contemporary time, then you just may be interested in The Reinventing Shakespeare Club, a new student organization at UM-Flint.

“Our goal is to read, analyze and discuss one or more of his works as a group. Then, we would like to work on rewriting the play and perform our new version,”said Mikeyla Agopian, a junior majoring in English literature and research psychology. “This could be anything from simply modernizing it to adding scenes or characters or changing lines to highlight different aspects of the play. It will be up to the group how in depth and involved we want to get.

Not only is the club focusing on the literary aspects of Shakespeare, but also on bringing together the student body, regardless of major, into a collaborative and creative outlet.

“I think that this club is a wonderful opportunity to bring together people from all majors who share a passion for literature and the arts, especially Shakespeare.  It will also give everyone a chance to create something collaboratively with others,” said Agopian.

There have been numerous adaptations of Shakespeare to a modern guise. This is the opportunity to be involved in scripting a potential UM-Flint Romeo meeting an Ohio State Juliet, if you wish. Or perhaps, a modern King Lear can go mad with the blind and the foolish and rather than stumble into some dismal moorland, ramble along the Street of Saginaw. It’s up to you.

Do not feel you will be forced onto the stage to soliloquize as a condition of membership.

“It’s up to each individual member if they would like to participate in any aspect of the club,” said Agopian. “You don’t have to act in the play if you don’t want to, I know I get stage fright, too.”

This Wednesday, the RISC will meet from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the da Vinci study room in the library.

“I’m excited to see how people contribute to the ongoing conversation that Shakespeare left us; how people will find new ways to adapt it to the world in which we currently live and how people will find new way with which to interpret it,” said Morgan Troxell, a senior majoring in English and professional communication.

For further information and to verify times and locations of meetings, contact Mikeyla Agopian at [email protected] or Morgan Troxell at [email protected]