Cheer club jumps into their winter season

Makenzie Schroeder

Looking to get more involved on campus? Enjoy participating in sports? Have team spirit? If so, then club cheerleading is for you! Formed in 2009, this student organization strives to develop new skills, gain more cheerleading experience, and just have a great time with friends.

Currently, the team is looking to add more members to its program, according to Vice President Amanda Wilson.

“We cheer for the football team, attend other club sport and campus events, and participate in as many other community-wide events as possible, such as helping out Making Strides Against Breast Cancer with the American Cancer Society,” said Wilson. “Our goal is to bring spirit and grow our sense of community throughout our program and all of the students who attend UM-Flint.”

Practices are held twice a week from 8 to 10 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Rec Center, this schedule may change as the new season begins. Now that football has ended, the team is looking to possibly participate in the program STUNT.

This competitive activity will feature different teams competing against each other for the best stunt routine, featuring tumbling, motions, jumps, and other skills.

“We highly encourage anyone interested to have at least high school experience,” said Wilson. “With our goal of participating in STUNT we must have girls over the age of 18 who know how to both stunt and tumble.”

The cheer club also allows Genesee Early College students to participate, as well as students attending UM-Flint, but those not meeting the requirements for STUNT will not be able to compete. GEC students will still be able to attend and participate in the other events and activities the club does.

Currently, there are over 12 cheerleaders on the team, but the club needs at least 16 members with skills to participate in STUNT. The cost of joining the team is $300 and it is encouraged for members to also get at least one $100 sponsor for the team.

Tryouts will be located in the Rec Center on Thursday, Nov. 17 and Friday, Nov. 18, each session starting at 7 p.m. It is required that students who are interested attend at least one tryout date. The team is also searching for a new coach, according to Wilson.

“This year we have been looking for a new coach and with this new coach, we hope to advance our gymnastics and stunting skills to begin competing in a league called STUNT,” said Wilson.

The upcoming winter season will also consist of events the cheerleaders are invited to perform at. In the past, the team has presented routines at events at the university, like Relay for Life and the staff vs students’ basketball game. The team will also be attending STUNT competitions to at least watch and become familiar with them if unable to participate.

Many students, including Payton Cantrell, a student transferring to UM-Flint for the winter semester, are looking forward to trying out for club cheer.

“I can’t wait for the cheerleading tryouts,” said Cantrell. “As a transfer student, I am very excited to meet new people and feel more involved with the UM-Flint campus.”