Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Makenzie Schroeder

Have big plans for Valentine’s Day, but a minuscule amount of money in your bank account? So does every other college student on campus. Fancy restaurants and weekend getaways are very appealing, but let’s face it, the new semester has just started and most of us are low on cash because of it.

After paying for books, new supplies, and tuition, most students are probably in shock from how much their bank account balance has dropped, while other students have simply become desensitized to this horror over the years.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, most students are trying to figure out fun plans and gifts to give that they can afford, which can be pretty tough. But have no fear, celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget can be successful.

If needing ideas, never be afraid to turn to Google for assistance – the Web can be a great tool when feeling clueless. And, like Google, I am also here to help.

To keep things relatively affordable but fun, students can just take their significant other out to dinner. With the Applebee’s two entrees and an appetizer for $20 menu, going out to eat does not have to be too pricey.

If dinner doesn’t hit the spot, consider going to see a movie, which is another cheap and fun activity. Also consider sharing a drink and popcorn, though, because the concession stand can be a secret killer when it comes to keeping date nights reasonable.

If these ideas are too basic for your tastes, try getting a little more creative. For example, you can instead take your valentine on a scavenger hunt around downtown, or even just around the house. Leave clues tied to Hershey Kisses that will eventually lead them to another Valentine’s Day activity, or even to a box of pizza, roses, and her favorite DVD.

Now that we have a few activities covered – what about possible gifts?

First off, you can never go wrong with roses and a box of chocolates. Although this too can be pretty basic, it never fails to make your significant other light up with a smile on their face. These two gifts paired together are fairly cheap and quick to grab at your local grocery store.

However, if you have some time on your hands, consider getting crafty. For example, write your other half a poem about how much they mean to you, then frame it. This gift is very meaningful, and requires little cash. The frame can even be bought for only a few dollars at Goodwill, which lowers the price of this gift even more.

Another crafty idea is a memory jar – write down all of your fond memories together, roll them up into little scrolls, tie them with ribbon, and then put them in a mason jar. Although this can be very time consuming, it will melt your valentine’s heart.

Not the affectionate, gushy type? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Instead, pick up a card with a balloon and some of your spouse’s favorite snacks. This gift is still sweet, but not too emotional.

But just remember, no matter what you chose to do or how much you spend on this holiday of love, as long as you put some thought, effort, and care into it, you’re bound to be successful.