UM-Flint Unveils Engineering Design Studio and Learning Space

Makenzie Schroeder

On Thursday, April 13 at 4 p.m., UM-Flint unveiled the University’s new Engineering Design Studio & Learning Space. This space, located at the Harrison Street Structure, will be available for a variety of students for engineering projects, robotics club, and more.

At the unveiling, students and staff were shown a variety of machines students had built, ranging from a go-kart built by the UM-Flint SAE Baja racing team to a machine that tests individual’s driving skills.  Refreshments and cake were also provided.

Freshman Jacob DePottey, who is majoring in physics, stopped by at the event and was very impressed with the space.

“Although I was not there for very long, I was pleased to see how great the new Engineering Design Studio and Learning Space looked,” said DePottey. “You could tell a lot of other students and staff members felt the same way, too.”

During the event, Doug Knerr, the provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, along with Susan Gano-Phillips, dean of the college of arts and sciences, and Mojtaba Vaziri, associate chair of engineering, spoke at the event. They discussed the benefits of the new space, both short-term and long-term,

This space will not only be used for students’ class projects in mechanical engineering, but will be available to physics students, certain clubs, and more. Previously, space for these clubs and student projects and research were hard to find and limited. However, with new, cutting-edge machinery and a larger area, this space will allow students to conduct their work in a safer, more accessible environment.

In the future, the space will also be converted into a dance studio and more.

“This place will definitely help future students on their path toward success. I am excited for a chance to utilize it in the future,” said DePottey.