Summer Social Cycling in Flint

Colin Roedel

Looking to stay fit this summer and make some friends? Why not consider riding with the Flint Social Cycling Club. Flint Social Cycling is a group of bike enthusiasts from Flint and surrounding areas who all come together to cycle the brick streets of Flint.

The main purpose of the ride is to show that there is a bike culture in Flint and demonstrate the importance of alternative transportation methods, like cycling and walking, in cities and urban areas such as Flint.

The summer kick off ride for Social Cycling is April 20. The group meets every Thursday in the flat lot downtown (125 E. Kearsley St.) at 8:30 pm. The bike ride starts at 9 p.m. and goes until around 11p.m., with a few stops throughout the night.

Many members choose to decorate their bicycles with lights. “Not only does it look cool, but it also offers protection and safety,” said club member Symantha Foreman. “Helmets are also a good idea. On the Facebook event page, we have a whole list of do’s and don’ts to make sure that everyone knows the rules of a safe ride.”

The club rides different routes every week, allowing riders to see parts of Flint they may not know about, or have overlooked. Most rides are on average five to seven miles. While this may seem intimidating, the group travels at a leisure pace, and accommodates riders of all experience levels.

Social Cycling clubs such as this have recently taken the fitness community by a storm, and have increased in popularity throughout the past 10 years. Similar clubs can be found as close as Detroit and Bay City and as far as Austin TX. “These rides are popular because they offer a social aspect and community that cannot be found anywhere else,” said Foreman. We have people from all walks of life who come on the ride; for students it could be a great opportunity to make some new friends, get into some different social circles than their own.”

The group has “field trips” to other rides throughout the state, including Bay City and Detroit. “Our largest ride in Flint was around 150 people. Bay City is over 400,” said Forman.

Students from all walks of life are encouraged to join. Anyone interested should contact the “Flint Social Cycling” Facebook page for more information.