Salman, Hall Voted as New President, Vice President for Student Government

Makenzie Schroeder

The new Student Government president for 2016 – 2017 is Abdulrahman Salman and the new vice president is Marquetta Hall.

Salman is a Genesee Early College graduate who is majoring in molecular biology/biotechnology. He previously held the position of senator, has served as the director of administrative affairs, and as the director of the Student Organization and Partnership Board. Hall is a sophomore majoring in integrated science-TCP.

Originally, the election was held on Tuesday, April 4 at 8 a.m. through Wednesday, April 5 until 5 p.m. However, no presidential and vice-presidential candidate pairing won majority vote (50 perecent). Therefore, a run-off election was required.

On Monday, April 10 the run-off election was held between the pairings of Abdulrahman Salman with his vice presidential running mate, Marquetta Hall, and presidential candidate Blair Davis along with his vice presidential candidate, Raul Herrera. These two pairings received the majority vote out of all presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

Students were able to vote through Mgagement on their mobile devices, computers, and at voting stations set up throughout the University.

After the run-off election, Salman and Hall were voted to be UM-Flint’s new Student Government president and vice president.

The election for senators did not need a run-off election and was uncontested. The senators elected for the upcoming Student Government body are Einas Abutalib, Caleb Carter, Eucharia Ganda, Terrell Harris, Alhana Khobeir, Yousra Mohamed, Sariba Shoukat, and Yong Wei Wu.

Before the election, Salman and Hall discussed a variety of things they hope to do on campus during an interview via email with the Michigan Times. They plan to continue the fight against sexual assault, raise school spirit among students, provide better training to student government senators, and let every student’s opinion be heard.

“I want to hear all students’ voices on the issues they care about. I want to build platforms that can continue to be used for years to come that reflect on the student’s needs. I want to be the voice for students that generally don’t get one on this campus,” said Salman during his previous interview with The Michigan Times.