MusiCollage Leaves Audience Members Impressed

Used as a coping device, stress reliever, and a form of entertainment, music can often be a positive influence in a person’s life. Students, many of whom can be seen walking throughout campus with earbuds in, are a good example of this fact.

But while listening to Spotify or Pandora can be a positive experience, there is nothing like listening to music live. On Tuesday, Oct. 10, students had the opportunity to do just that.

The UM-Flint Music Department held its annual MusiCollage concert. Designed to showcase the different branches and musical groups of the department, MusiCollage features solo acts chosen via audition. Soloists included percussionist Xavier McCollom, flutist Abigail Darnall, singer Jerry Vargo, euphonium player David McEachern, and clarinetist Peter Conigliario.

The showcase had a variety of sounds and pieces and, ranging from the Wind Symphony’s rendition of Jay Bocook’s “Head Rush,” in my opinion, was absolutely phenomenal. Arranged by UM-Flint’s Department of Music, the event featured selections from Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, and even pieces constructed by students.

The show started out with “Soundings” by Brian Balmages and then slid into “Vivace” by Bach. During this time, the beautiful music melted the stress away from my being. The waves of sound, which traveled through the air, gave me goose bumps. The students’ talent was truly showcased.

To say the least, the Department of Music put together a masterpiece. It was obvious that each individual on stage rehearsed daily to perfect the sounds, finger movements, lung control, and timing that went into their performances.

Missed the event? The Department of Music has more shows coming soon. The next show is Friday, Nov. 10 at 4 p.m. The event is located at UM-Flint’s Theatre and admission to the show is free.

For more information, contact the Department of Music at (810) 762-3377 or [email protected].