UM-Flint Alumna Shares Entrepreneurship Journey and Love for Macarons

Ice Cream Sandwiches at Germeaux Macaron

Ice Cream Sandwiches at Germeaux Macaron

Have you ever thought of opening up your own business but were hesitant because you didn’t know how to start? At an event on Wednesday, Nov. 1, Sarah Razak, UM-Flint alumna and owner of Gémeaux Macarons, talked about the ins and outs of starting your own company.

Gémeaux Macarons, a pastry business started by Razak in Flint, specializes in french macarons, which are sandwich-like cookies filled with buttercream. However, Razak wasn’t always into macarons.

She came from a household where her parents owned their own hamburger restaurant. While she was in graduate school for business, however, she learned to make macarons.

“A big positive with entrepreneurship is that you get operate your business along with your lifestyle and your own personal views,” said Razak.

Razak has a commitment to quality for her pastries and her service is often known as unmatched and never duplicated due to her attention to detail.

“[After] six months of making them, I thought of a business plan,” said Razak

According to Razak, the business curriculum at UM-Flint really helped her with the start of her business. She also believes that school presentations and public speaking helped her when she had to pitch her product to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, or MEDC, for the chamber.

Her advice for people that didn’t take any business classes? Try to get comfortable with numbers and always double check your wages.

“You have to have a certain drive and mindset to be an entrepreneur, you have to be patient and trust in your product to become what you want to become,” said Razak