White Building’s Food Options to Expand

Since the past semester, dining on campus has drastically changed. From the addition of new food options, to getting rid of others, students have had mixed reactions.

One recent food project started was the remodeling of the William S. White Building Information Desk on the first floor, which provides food options to students in the busy building.

Previously plagued by not enough food and the rush of students being overwhelming, Judy Birschbach, co-director of event and building services, has a lot of ambition for convenience.

“I really want the morning rush and the lunch rush to go by smoother and to be less congested and less crowded,” said Birschbach.

Through the project, the goal is to change the desk to a quick service deli. Although the menu is not finished, the blueprint design is, and Ryan Craven, architect and facilities and operations representative, thinks it will be easier for students.

“The design is all about making it instant for people. We have a building where the Genesee Early College, medical programs, and the communication department are here five days out the week…so this new design is better for time,” said Craven.

There has not been a name given to this new location yet, but the goal is for the grand opening to happen in early February.

“The food situation on campus seems to get more limited, but that is only for a small span of time. We have plans for the future and the food situation will be better in the upcoming semesters,” said Birschbach.

The White Building is full of activity and whether you’re a nursing student, a daycare teacher, communication major, or young student in the early college, food is pivotal to help fuel you. The changes that are in store for the campus’ food options are on the road to positive development.

“My job is to make it easier for students and for faculty. These plans are in good fortune, I am very ready for the plans to come into fruition,” said Birschbach.