Deadline for UM-Flint Scholarship Application Process Nears

Donald Lierman, Writer

Lets face it, the pursuit of higher education is an expensive proposition. Thankfully, UM-Flint provides the opportunity for qualified students to secure funds via a scholarship program.

“Completing the scholarship application is simple,” said Louanne Snyder, assistant director of the UM-Flint Office of Financial Aid. “The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.”

The first step is to answer two sets of questions, then, students are asked to write a scholarship essay/personal essay in addition to a brief biography. The interested candidate should also review the listing of the 39 scholarships that involve additional documentation and provide that information only if they satisfy the other necessary conditions of those scholarships.

“For example, a student employed on campus needs to submit proof of employment (i.e. a paystub),” said Snyder. “For full consideration of the Akhila and Rajamani Scholarship only if they meet the other criteria.

“Students often are under the impression that the listing depicting the 39 scholarships require the submission of additional documentation are those scholarships for which the student qualifies, but that is not the situation. Be assured that the rubrics in determining eligible students look at the student’s academic status using current data in the university system and evaluates each applicant.

“Because some scholarships are considered ‘need based’ it may be necessary to have a FAFSA on file for the year in which the scholarship would be received (e.g. applying for 2018-19 academic year scholarships require that a 2018-19 FAFSA be filed and received by UM-Flint Office of Financial Aid).”

The application process consists of two phases.  The first phase, which is open to all students, requires the application to be submitted by Thursday, Feb. 15, with supporting documentation due by Friday, Feb. 23.  The second phase, which is for graduate students, runs from March 23 to June 1, with supporting documentation due by June 8.

The student’s name will be placed in each scholarship pool for which they meet the requirements.  A student may only apply once.  It is recommended that graduate students apply during the first phase to increase the opportunities that they may have to be considered for the scholarships that are open to both graduate and undergraduate students.

“During March/April/May, the scholarship committees review the applications and recipients are selected for those scholarships offered during phase I (for both undergraduate and graduate students),” said Snyder. “Similarly, scholarship committees meet during June/July to review those scholarships that are offered during phase II (graduate students only).

“Notification to the selected recipients is expected to occur in late May for phase I scholarships and late July for phase II scholarships.”

To find the scholarship application, visit<


Students looking for assistance may go to the writing workshop on Wednesday, Jan. 24 from 2–3:30 p.m. in the Women’s Educational Center located in the University Center.

For addition information, visit the department’s webpage or contact Snyder via e-mail at [email protected].