Supply Chain and Operations Club Starts at UM-Flint

Colin Roedel, Writer

A Supply Chain and Operations club is coming to UM-Flint.

“SCOMA, The Supply Chain and Operations Management Association (SCOMA), is one of the newest student organizations on campus, and is the first organization at the University of Michigan-Flint for Supply Chain and Operations management,” said Senior Sydney Parvin.

Parvin is the club’s vice president and studies supply chain management and entrepreneurship/innovation management at the School of Management.

Other individuals who helped with the club’s formation include Sandun Perera, Ph.D., the assistant professor of operations and supply chain management at the School of Management, and the faculty advisor for the club. Current members are Joylynn Clement as president, Matthew Korpi as secretary, and Ahmed Alhisan as treasurer.

The goal for the club is to create an outlet for students to learn about supply chain and operations from faculty and outside professionals, as well as grow professionally. Club members will attend academic conferences, go on company tours, attend networking events, volunteer, and gain access to other resources. They also plan on taking a hands-on approach to grow from experience-based learning by collaborating with local businesses and non-profits.

“Supply chain management is relevant to all students because at the core of it, it is about awareness and thinking beyond the surface,” said Parvin. “No matter what your degree is, or what your major is, we all play a part in different networks that are constantly changing.”

While the club will meet at the School of Business, current members encourage students from all backgrounds and areas of studies to join.

“Students studying engineering and healthcare administration plan to be involved, as well,” said Parvin. “We encourage students from all majors to contact us if they are interested in coming to one of our meetings or joining the association.”

Parvin strongly believes in corporate responsibility, and hopes to use the club to explore and learn about this train of thought.

“Whenever we make a purchase online or at the store, we are playing a part in the supply chain for that particular product or service,” said Parvin. “One of the reasons Amazon has become so successful is because they have been able to focus their entire supply chain and operations around the needs of the customer.”

She hopes the club will explore the benefits of Fair Trade and using ethical product sourcing.

SCOMA’s opening ceremony took place Wednesday, Feb. 14 at the Riverfront building from 4 until 5 p.m. The ceremony featured guest speaker David Bueby, the Corporate Vice President of Supply Chain Management at McLaren.

Those who wish to learn more about the club can email [email protected], or visit the university’s website at