Hurley, Kohl’s Leads Youth Down a Healthy Path with Healthy Kids Event

Memories of cartoons and recess takes all of us back to a time of simplicity and joy from our childhood. When I was growing up, I had the food pyramid to learn in school and was always told by my parents to eat fruits and vegetables. However, Hurley Medical Center and Kohl’s wants to do more for the children in Flint.

Sunday, Feb. 4, Hurley Wellness Services and Kohl’s are hosting an event at the Flint Children’s Museum, encouraging healthy habits for the young, developing minds in Flint. Hurley has partnered with Kohl’s since 2006, and this year the healthy kids event will showcase fun ways to stay fit, make healthy treats, and will have 40 hands-on exhibits.

“This event offers information on the importance of being active and making better choices when it comes to nutrition. If these are habits we can get young people to adopt, it will lead to them being much healthier adults,” said Laura Jasso, the interim administrator for marketing and community relations at Hurley. “In a community where we have one of the highest rates of adult diabetes, it is vital we start teaching these things to our youth.”

One of the most popular activities at the event? Fit boxing.

“I love the fit boxing and the kids love it, too. Just like mostly everything at the Children’s Museum, these are hands-on and group participation exhibits,” said Jasso.

The event is from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Flint Children’s Museum. There is no cost to attend.

Interested in helping fund or volunteer for similar events? Jasso expresses how there are always opportunities for people to help.

“We are always looking to enrich our children’s programs at Hurley. People can contribute by volunteering or making a donation,” said Jasso.

Information on both opportunities can be found online at