Top Five Restaurants Around Town You may Never have Heard of

In the three years I have lived in Flint, one thing that I have come to know as true is that there is a huge culinary culture within the city. While it might not have a signature dish, it has some of the best restaurants in mid-Michigan, and a handful of small hole-in-the-wall spots you may have never heard of. If you only visit restaurants downtown, then you are surely missing out. Here is a list of local restaurants that you might otherwise drive by:


Located on Miller Road, this small Italian joint could be mistaken for a house, an insurance office, or literally anything but a restaurant. The building is so small that it only has room for a few tables. However, what it lacks in size it makes up for in cuisine. Serving traditional dishes like salad, sandwiches, and burgers to more exquisite dishes like crab stuffed shrimp and blackened salmon, there is something for everyone. When you decide to go, you must get a dessert, as well. How does chocolate éclairs, peach cheesecake, and bread pudding sound? I would daresay the dessert menu is longer than the specials. The food is so good that it is something you would expect at a wedding. This is a place you don’t want to miss if you love delicacy at a decent price.

Lotus Room

Serving up Asian specialty, this Chinese restaurant is as authentic as it gets. It is softly lit and has lotus flowers decorated throughout the place. While I would consider the restaurant itself to be a bit bare, you would not come here for the atmosphere. The food looks, tastes, and is prepared fresh. I would recommend the drunken noodle, a personal favorite. The family also owns another restaurant, the Empress of China, showing their knowledge in Asian cuisine.

Signature Chop House

While technically in Flushing, the Chop House is practically on the city border, and was too good not to include. If you love fine dining, then this is the place to go. While the outside might throw you off, the inside is absolutely breathtaking. So much so that it also doubles as a wedding venue. The entrance faces away from the street, and you might drive right by if you’re not paying attention. Upon walking in, you will immediately see a huge wine cellar used to store customers’ wines. The restaurant serves surf and turf, with all portions being very generous. While on the higher end of price range, it is a personal favorite and a great place for a date.

The Fox

This small bar has a very relaxing atmosphere, with a red and yellow color scheme and dim lighting. It also is a great place to hit up for taco Tuesdays, as they have dollar tacos every week. It features a unique wooden island bar that emanates a very old fashion/European look. It is also rumored to be a personal favorite of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe (fun fact: Radcliffe is currently dating actress Erin Darke, who is a UM-Flint alumna) Allegedly, the two visit The Fox when Darke returns home to visit family. If you go, keep an eye out for the magic man himself.


While not as obscure, I still felt this restaurant was essential to the list. Located in the back of the Farmers’ Market, MaMang is some of the best Southeast Asian food you will ever have, proudly serving both Vietnamese cuisine and Taiwanese treats. If you stop by, make sure to stop and talk to the employees, as many of them have traveled across the world, especially the owner Tony Vu. Personally, I’m a known skeptic of trying food from different cultures, but this place is a must. My favorite is the bánh mì. If you have never been here, ask around. Chances are someone you know has. They also have vegetarian options, which makes it ideal for those with dietary needs.