GearUp2Lead’s Mindset Development Summit Scheduled for Next Week

Colin Roedel, Writer

Local nonprofit GearUp2Lead is hosting a Mindset Development Summit in downtown Flint, and you’re invited. The event, titled GearUp for Success, will take place Wednesday, March 21 in the Riverfront Banquet Center. The event is scheduled from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m., and a later cocktail event will take place from 5:30 until 7 p.m. in the lobby of the Ferris Wheel.

GearUp2Lead, started in 2015, is dedicated to promoting growth mindset and leadership to youth and adults throughout the community.

“The initial purpose of the nonprofit was to provide leadership training to educators and students in the Genesee County area,” said Chief Engagement Officer Kelly Rodgers.

Now, it has it has shifted its focus to the GearUp Academy, which is a non-traditional high school located in the Ferris Wheel off of Saginaw Street.

“GearUp Academy provides opportunities for students to cultivate a growth mindset and develop the social and emotional skills needed to succeed,” explained Rodgers. “The program balances academic curriculum with experiential training in recognizing opportunities, critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills and entrepreneurial thinking.”

The nonprofit follows a set of ideals it calls the GEAR concepts, which are Growth Mindset, Empathy, Action, and Responsibility. Simply put, the organization believes that “skills are built, not born” and they hope to instill this belief through their teachings.

“We want people to know that skills are not something you’re just born with. They are something that can be developed, trained, and built upon,” said UM-Flint student Gabriel Stone.

Stone is a board member on Gearup2Lead, and is helping organize the summit. He joined the GearUp team shortly after moving to Flint this past Fall.

“I wanted to get involved because I love what they are teaching. I believe that growth mindset is something that will help young people, as well as the community of Flint, continue to flourish and thrive,” said Stone.

The summit will include three speakers, all who come from a variety of backgrounds. Speaker Travis Thomas will be speaking on the belief that abilities are not fixed, but can be developed through passion, education, and persistence. The second speaker, Trevor Raegan, will be speaking about the same topic; both will provide concepts and tools in regards to developing growth mindset.

The keynote speaker, Arel Moodie, will be speaking of his upbringing, and what it was like to grow up on welfare in Brooklyn, New York. He will be touching on the several million-dollar businesses he has started, and how to overcome hurdles that students face.

The event is free to all UM-Flint students and staff. Otherwise, tickets are $10 for non-UM-Flint students and $20 for adults. More information can also be found on the nonprofit’s Facebook page.

Volunteers are also needed, and will receive a free shirt, as well as community service hours. Volunteers should email [email protected] Students will have also received more information from a campus email.

“We plan on this event being interactive, high energy, high impact, and extremely motivating. We intend to have attendees leave the event inspired and equipped with the knowledge that they can do anything they set their minds to if they do the hard work,” said Kelly Rodgers. “Nothing is impossible regardless of your environment. You can be successful, which in turns affects the future of our community positively.”