Score Big with the NBA Club

Patrick Hall, Writer

Do you like basketball? If you answered yes, then I have another question for you: why haven’t you joined the NBA Club yet?

The NBA Club is a new club at UM-Flint that is specifically for viewing NBA basketball  games and for those who love the sport. The club meets every Thursday at 7:45 p.m. in Riverfront, room 2332.

This club is ran by Michael Curran, a junior majoring in finance and accounting that has a love for basketball and wanted to bring it to the school.

“I think I can reach the big basketball community that we have here,” said Curran. “Incentives like a jersey and pizza are a good reason to come, but there also is so much basketball to watch and talk about.”

The NBA Club not only feeds the hunger of basketball fanatics to watch the sport, but also members’ stomachs, as well, with pizza and soda. The fun doesn’t even stop there–five members can earn an official NBA Jersey from a team of their choice. To win the jersey, however, you have to be a consistent member of the club. At the end of the semester, points are racked up through a member point system.

For coming to every meeting, members of the club earn one point, for predicting the winner of that night’s game, members earn three points, and for each quarter that a member stays and watches, it equates to one point per quarter. So, for one whole meeting, students could earn and be eight points closer to getting an NBA jersey of their desire.

Another cool thing about the club’s point system? Some of the meetings can worth double and even triple the points at random. When talking to Curran about where he sees this club going, he showed optimism toward this new and unique club.

“This club is for everybody that enjoys basketball and enjoys a break at the end of a school week. Working to get a jersey is pretty cool, and the games can get pretty exciting,” said Curran.

The NBA is in it’s last 25 games of the regular season but, then, shortly after, post-season basketball arises. Curran wants to stretch the meetings to playoffs not only to see who becomes victorious in the league, but also for the club’s point system.

“Basketball gets so crazy and fun and if we can hold meetings during the playoffs where it gets even more intense that would be awesome honestly,” said Curran. “It took some time to get this club up and running, but it was definitely worth it. I see people walking around school all the time with logos from different teams or carrying a basketball and I want them to have a place where they can enjoy basketball.”

So, if you enjoy the sound of a screaming NBA crowd, high quality athleticism, and at the same time eating pizza, you’ve found yourself a new hobby–attending meetings of the NBA Club.