Take a Mental Break in Reflection Rooms

Being human can consist of many pros and cons. As we handle life’s priorities and pressures, the days can become exhausting. As students, there are many times we get stuck or too tired to think properly. The Reflection Rooms at UM-Flint are here for individuals, however, to contemplate, meditate, and even pray in times of stress.

The rooms are a first-come, first-serve type of space provided for all students. Food and music is prohibited in these rooms due to their only purpose of being quiet and serene. The rooms are simplistic with little distraction.

More than 75% of all mental health conditions start before the age of 24, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). School can lead to times filled with lack of sleep, failed relationships, and financial worries. For some students, just the small fraction of time to decompress means a lot.

Mechanical engineering major and junior at UM-Flint, Kirsten Swanson, believes the Reflection Rooms are pivotal to relieving one’s stress.

“Being a student can be very stressful, and sometimes you just need to breathe,” said Swanson. “Between life and school it can get pretty hectic. The rooms have a good energy and I love it.”

As this winter semester is coming to a close, ending can provide a sweet relief. However, finals are also approaching, and test anxiety is a very real thing. We tell ourselves we can handle it all, but in reality, our minds have been overloaded and sometimes we need help. The Reflection Rooms offer a literal break to recuperate.

“Mental health is extremely important and can affect how your college experience goes and how your life can be,” said Alexis Edmonds, a junior studying linguistics. “Mental health can change the way you conquer school and life, it’s great to have these rooms to give you a break.”

Reflection Rooms are located in the University Center and White Building. They are open to the respective hours of the buildings they are in.

Beyond any of the stress and anguish that one might face not only as a student, but as a human being, we all need a break. If you haven’t already tried one out, I suggest you do.