Social Work Club to Host Fundraiser for Sexual Abuse, Violence Victims


Patrick Hall, Writer

According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), 6 out of every 1000 sexual assault perpetrators will get sent to prison. Another study from RAINN highlights that every 98 seconds, someone experiences sexual abuse.

While there are many statistics that can be displayed to show just how much of a problem this is, why not do something more than just reading about it?

On Sunday, March 25 at Unbelievable Freakin’ Burgers in Flint, 20 percent of your total bill will go to the UM-Flint Social Work Club. With these proceeds, the club will be donating clothes to the YWCA for victims of teen dating violence and sexual abuse.

In many cases involving sexual abuse, victims have to give up their clothes as evidence. With this event, you can help.

Students at the university think this event is going to be powerful, and could be a step in the right direction not only for assistance, but also for acknowledgement.

“This is huge, honestly,” said Sophomore Jason Terzich. “Not only for the community, but for people who don’t get their voices heard. Under our noses there is someone either plotting to abuse or being abused and that needs to change.”

The venue, Unbelievable Freakin’ Burgers, is located at 5100 Corunna Road. To check out their menu, you can go to   . Customers must also present the event’s flyer for part of their bill to be donated, which is displayed as the featured image of this article.

For more information, students can contact the club’s president, Jessica Bonardelli, at [email protected]