What You Need to Know for the Student Government Election

Colin Roedel, Writer

UM-Flint Student Government elections are quickly approaching this week, scheduled to take place on Wednesday and Thursday. This year, in addition to those running for senatorial positions, there are six different pairs running in hopes of securing president (P) and vice president (VP). The Michigan Times reached out to all candidates and asked them to briefly explain why they feel they are qualified to lead the student body.

Yousra Mohamed (P) and Izza Ahmed-Ghani (VP)

Mohamed will be graduating next May with a Bachelor’s Degree in human biology and a minor in psychology. Mohamed explains that she running for president because she cares about the UM-Flint campus and wants to make sure the needs of students are met and their voices heard. Two things she wants to focus on if elected? Social policy change and student engagement, both vital to campus. She would like to make Student Government more accessible to students, as well as cultivate a welcoming environment.

Eucharia Ganda (P) and Lucine Jarrah (VP)

Ganda is majoring in computer information systems, and hopes to make Student Government transparent and visible for students, as well as create pride for the school and a sense of belonging if elected. Ganda wants to create a solid connection with the two other campuses, and aims to have MCards work on all campuses for the use of their facilities, and more. She hopes to expand the safe ride territory and wants to create more traditions at UM-Flint, including monthly meetings with student leaders across campus.

Muhammad Ammar (P) and Kevin Fons (VP)

Ammar is set to graduate in the fall of 2019 with a degree in finance and economics. He wants to create an atmosphere of belonging on campus where all students are equal and have the same resources and opportunities.  He feels that he is the best candidate because he aims to get all students involved, regardless of their fields of study, to solve the issues surrounding campus. He believes every student is important and deserves to be heard.

Marcus Williams (P) and Anushika Srivastava (VP)

Williams will be graduating next May with a degree in computer information systems. He believes he will use the experience he has gained previously on campus to help him lead. He feels he has gotten to see the university in a different light, and believes that this knowledge will help him progress campus through student government if elected. As president, he would want to make the policies and processes of the university more visible to students.

Other individuals running are Marquetta Hall (P) and Saiba Shoukat (VP) and Udit Shlat (P) and Chris Steffes (VP). The Michigan Times was unable to receive a response in time from these individuals before publishing.