New Student Government Leaders Emerge


Santiago Ochoa

Student Government Continues to hold meetings over BlueJeans.

As the semester comes to an end, preparations for a new semester begin. One of the new changes taking place are the arrival of a new president and vice president of Student Government, Eucharia Ganda and Lucine Jarrah, respectively.

Ganda is a rising senior majoring in computer information systems. She is the president of African Student Association and was the vice chair for Student Government senators this school year. During her campaign, she built her platform on the idea of unifying all three University of Michigan campuses. Ganda wants to create a solid connection with the two other campuses, and aims to have MCards work on all campuses for the use of their facilities, and more.

Ganda shares that she is grateful to be at the university and loves it here.

“The university has given me so much, like scholarships, personal growth, leadership skills, and career opportunities,” shared Ganda.

During her time as president, she hopes to drum up school pride and make students feel like they belong at UM-Flint. She hopes to make school spirit a main focus, as well as campus outreach.

“We feel like we’re disconnected from the main campus, Ann Arbor, and sister campus in Dearborn. We could have collaborative events, have a bus that goes there often,” said Ganda.  “As of now, students can now sync their UM-Flint and Ann Arbor passwords,” said Ganda.

This small but simple merger is something she feels is a step in the right direction to connect the campuses.

Lucine Jarrah is also an upcoming senior majoring in political science. She is the president of the campus movie club, Cinemas Finest. She shares that one of her main focuses will be to encourage students to get involved in their community and take matters into their own hands if they feel passionate about an issue.

“These last few years at the university, the leadership of many great student government administrations has given us (students) the chance to learn from their success and their weaknesses,” said Jarrah.

She hopes to build upon what past student government leaders have done, as well as learn from their mistakes. Jarrah also hopes to build a stronger sense of community within the school and the city of Flint.

“We are prepared to take on new challenges and work rigorously for the UM-Flint community in order to provide them with a better college experience,” said Jarrah.  “As a community we are stronger together and with our ideas we can build a better future for ourselves.”