The Show Must Go On: Spring Dance Concert

Patrick Hall, Writer

As Flint broke its overall snowfall record for the 2017-18 season, the second show for the Spring Dance Concert was canceled due to icy weather conditions–such an ironic way to cancel one of the days of the Spring Dance Concert, because of an ice storm.

Either way, the UM-Flint Department of Music and Theatre previewed five pieces seamlessly at their first showing, choreographed by faculty members Beth Freiman, Emma Davis, and guest choreographer Amy Cova.

From the concert, my favorite two pieces, although highlighting individual values, fought the same fight for equality. “Immortals,” a piece honoring women and their contributions in history, and “More Weight,” a piece that represents marginalization and oppression of women, were the epitome of beauty with strong messages behind them.

For “Immortals,” the piece was a wonderful way to start the show where choreography, very talented dancers, and serene music coexisted for a wonderful entrance. Soft motions of the dance correlating with the sounds showed how less than 8 percent of statues are women.

“More weight,” as it was in the same shade of equality, displayed the dancers in a full on fight to have their voices heard. Dancer and Junior Alexis Edmonds thought the pieces were powerful to women and displayed creativity.

“Showing the boundaries held against women but in a creative format is awesome, honestly,” said Edmonds. “Women have always had and still have to break barriers to get what they deserve and I am glad I am apart of this.”