Ever Experience a Ghostly Encounter? You’re Not Alone, if so

With October at a close, the focus on Halloween and fall festivities will soon be replaced with preparation for Thanksgiving. However, for spirits and ghosts, the end of October and the passing of Halloween doesn’t signify an end to their lurking among the living.

Although some people don’t believe in beings from the other side or have never had a ghostly encounter, Zoe Hesse, a sophomore at UM-Flint, believes she has. Hesse has worked as a receptionist for a salon in Clarkston for four years, and after constantly hearing from her coworkers about paranormal activity happening in the salon after hours, Hesse had her first encounter with the spirit last year.

“I was just cleaning up, regular stuff, wiping down tables in our relaxation room when I got a feeling that someone was watching me,” said Hesse.

According to her, many of the other salon employees had expressed similar feelings when they were there by themselves—a feeling that a male figure was in their presence when their backs were turned, almost as if he was right behind them. Except this feeling only occurred when in the back of the salon.  

“Then, all of the sudden I heard a large bang [coming from] our eyelash room. I ran out and saw that the door had been slammed shut, even though it had been open before, and all of the lights had been turned off,” said Hesse.

However, this experience was no surprise. “So many people that work at the salon say that they get a weird feeling there, it always feels like something is watching you.”

Scared after the encounter, she began calling for her coworkers who had been busy doing other tasks outside the salon at the time. Without finishing closing up, Hesse promptly left and messaged her boss about the incident.

“If the lights are on and people are there, it’s not like this,” Hesse said. “But, if you’re by yourself you can really feel the spirits.”

As if that experience wasn’t enough, and having the reassurance that other workers felt the same way, the salon held an event with psychics. According to Hesse, they immediately recognized a spiritual presence and that something wasn’t right.

“Now when I open the salon I’ll wait to open the spa side until someone gets there because I refuse to go back there without someone,” Hesse said.  

Have you ever experienced a ghostly encounter? Comment below with your paranormal account.