From Head to Sole, Jude Hasan is an Original

As individuals, we all have our own personal style. Some choose to keep it classic and avoid making any sort of statement with how they dress. Others, however, like to let their clothes speak for them. And Jude Hasan, a UM-Flint sophomore, lets her shoes do all of the talking.

With rain tapping against the window during our interview, one thing is clear: the outfits Hasan puts together, mixing lively colors and patterns, must always brighten gloomy days like this one.

Up until her freshman year, Hasan wore what many would consider to be the bread and butter of the fashion world: a t-shirt and jeans. By her sophomore year of high school, however, her fashion sense had evolved into the first iteration of the style she wears now.

She sits in the chair across from me wearing a neon green long sleeve shirt tucked into a distressed pair of high rise blue jeans that crop at the ankle. It’s obvious she isn’t afraid of color. However, the real statement piece is her blue Nike Air Vapormax 97 sneakers.

Owning over 30 pairs, Hasan likes her shoes to be full of life. Her collection contains all different shapes and sizes, varying in patterns and colors. They’re scattered around the house, in her room, at the back door, on the stairs–it’s never ending.

Her favorite pair of sneakers have to be the Nike Air Max 95 Atmos Animal Pack 2.0’s, which include tiger, leopard, zebra, cow and pony prints as well as thick army green laces. This mix of prints is her favorite trend right now, so this pick comes as no surprise.

Frequently, Hasan adds to her collection when visiting her brother in Manhattan. Here, she indulges in her favorite activity: buying shoes. Besides, what kind of fashionista doesn’t like to splurge in the Big Apple a little? Each pair in her collection rings in at over the $150 mark.

And (if you haven’t picked up on this already) when it comes to shoes, no plain old pair will do. There has to be a unique element to the sneaker that makes her want to buy them. Whether it is the color, the style or the design, something has to stand out.

“I love fun shoes. I have a lot of neon shoes, a lot of printed shoes, just shoes with character really,” said Hasan. “…I love things with an edge to them.”

Hasan mentions she used to be insecure about wearing bright colors since most people she deems as stylish wear neutrals like brown or grey. Now, she embraces colorful clothing and uses it as a tool to differentiate her style from others, as well as boosting her confidence.

Although it wasn’t always easy, Hasan chose to accept her use of color because she felt the neutrals didn’t speak true to her bold and bright personality. This becomes clear the second you look at her collection of sneakers; there’s not a white pair to be seen.

And with trend setters plastered all over social media, TV and other platforms, it’s easy to find inspiration in legends like Cher (to whom Kim Kardashian has attributed many of her style choices) and Audrey Hepburn–who doesn’t have a little black dress after all?

“I have never seen one person that I’m like ‘I love everything they wear, I want to dress like them.’ I feel like most famous people are dressed by stylists anyway,” said Hasan. “…I wear what I like [and] I don’t wear one style. I could look chic one day and then like a hypebeast the next day, it changes day to day but as long as I like it I’ll wear it.”

For Hasan, the shoes you choose are the icing on the cake. Being a sneakerhead, or sneaker enthusiast, she knows a thing or two about wearing the right pair of shoes. Depending on the person’s aesthetic, the shoes match and give you insight on who they are.

“All shoes are basic when you really think about it. There’s no really unique shoe that makes someone different, it just adds to who you are,” said Hasan. “I would never generalize everybody who wears [a certain type] of shoe. But there are some shoes that, when I see people wearing them, I’m like ‘you’re just wearing those for the hype.’ [Then] someone else wears them and I’m like ‘oh, that’s who they are.’”

Hasan expresses a wish to not be categorized. Her clothes do not define the kind of person she is, rather, they serve as a framing device for the rest of her personality–the cherry on top of an already interesting person, if you will.

“Some people dress to look a certain way [but] I do what I want. I’m confident and I don’t care what other people think. I do me regardless of what other people want me to be. I’ll dress how I want wherever I want,” said Hasan.However, Hasan doesn’t fit strictly into these style categories set by trend setters. Instead, she tries to mix them all together to do her own unique thing.

Besides shoes and fashion in general, she has many other interests. From interior design and baking to customizing her own clothing, she’s a jack of all trades. For Hasan, it’s not about the clothes or the baked goods that matter, it’s the process of creating. As long as she’s doing that, life is good.

“I don’t like clothes per say, I like putting things together. I like seeing things come as a whole. I love baking because you get to see the final product, you get to make it look good. I knit, I sew, I decorate clothes. We used to throw parties and I love decorating for people. I would be a party planner for sure,” said Hasan.


When it comes down to it, she wants the world to know she’s confident, she’s bold and, ultimately, she can’t be defeated. It only goes up from here for Hasan, so watch out because she’s going to continue kicking ass and she has just the right pair of shoes to do it in.