Pressing the Rewind Button with Hannah Alexander


Courtesy of Hannah Alexander

Bella Biafore, Writer

Now that we’ve comfortably settled into 2019, it’s time to reflect on the resolutions we have set for ourselves. For some, it might be eating healthier or being more organized. For others, a new lifestyle change might be needed–or something more personal. Either way, it’s important to stick with your goals. 

That’s why UM-Flint Senior Hannah Alexander decided her 2018 resolution was to embrace life’s moments. Almost every other day, Alexander takes either a photo or video of an activity she is doing and adds it to an app called 1 Second Everyday. The app then takes that video and adds it to an ever-growing compilation.

While Alexander aims to stay off of social media, the app does requires you to use your phone. However, the real idea is to make users more mindful of the small moments that matter by encouraging them to take a step back and capture them for a second.

Our generation has a tendency to let memories slip away by not enjoying the moment, or recording the moment and then never taking the time to look back on it. The video or picture is taken just for the sake of recording it. This is something Alexander was hoping to stay away from.

Although she was always one to take photos and videos throughout the year, she wanted to be more consistent so she could actually see a change within her life.

Besides that factor, she also wanted to make it a point to actually look back on the moments rather than just letting them take up space on her phone.

“I never really look back [on the videos] and react. They just get stored into my phone memories and then I delete it,” said Alexander. “I’ve been trying to do more embracing the moment and being thankful for what I have… then looking back and being like ‘wow look at all the progress I’ve made.’”

To ring in 2019, Alexander played back the now complete video. She plans to re-create the same resolution this year so she can document the changes from year to year.

“It was a mix of emotions. It was very bittersweet. There have been friends that moved out of state or relationships that have moved on but it showed how much I’ve grown in the last year.” Alexander said.

Like  C.S Lewis said, “Isn’t it funny how day to day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different?” From Alexander’s perspective, even the minutiae of daily life can come together to form a mosaic depicting life’s more noticeable changes.

“[There are] all these little things in your life you don’t think about and when you see the bigger picture you see how much those little things have shaped you into who you are,” said Alexander. “It was really nice to look back on the jobs I’ve had and the people who have come in and out of my life for different reasons.”

Even though looking back on past memories can be done by yourself, scrolling through your phone alone in your room may not be the most enjoyable. When you’re able to gather a group of friends to view the memories with, you’re able to gain everyone’s view on the moments you’re looking at.  

Alexander mentioned watching the video with her friends, many of whom made appearances in the compilation, really enhanced the experience and and made it much more fun. According to her most moments had been completely forgotten about and returning to the good times made everyone nostalgic.

“Ironically a lot of them [are] everyone else in my life and not me. It was cool to see all my friends birthdays, holidays… my sorority sisters, classmates, coworkers,” said Alexander. “I don’t have a favorite [memory], they’re all my favorite.”

Alexander’s experience shines a light on the importance of the unimportant. Whether we’re rushing through the day or dreading the next one to come, stopping to observe and appreciate the details that make each minute unique can help give us perspective we didn’t even know we needed.