Interested in Basketball? UM-Flint has a Club for that

Donald Lierman , Writer

Love Wolverine basketball but can’t get a ticket (or care to drive in this weather) to a game in Ann Arbor? Well, UM-Flint is now fielding a club team. If it’s live sports you are yearning for, drop by the UM-Flint Recreation Center this weekend and support your university squad.

The Wolverines are set to host Wittenburg on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 3 p.m, and 6 p.m. On February 17, the teams will return to the hardwood floors for a 12 p.m. start. Club president Terrence Tevis has high expectations for the team.

“The UM-Flint basketball team has been long overdue,” said Tevis, a business and communications major. “We’re looking to make a statement, we don’t want to stay a club forever.

“However, club experience is needed first. We play in the NCBBA (National Club Basketball Association). Each weekend we play against a team three times. The experience has been tremendously enjoyable, and it is great for the students to come together.”

The games are free to attend and the court opens one hour before the games’ start times.  UM-Flint Graduate Student Aaron Scheuer found the opportunity to return to the basketball floor enticing.

“I missed the excitement, the unity, the dedication of playing competitive, organized basketball,” said Scheuer, who is pursuing a doctorate in the field of physical therapy. “Basketball has always been influential in my life. I have played competitively from a young age, coached during my undergraduate time and grew up with a father who coached college and high school basketball.

“It was a bitter feeling when it seemed like I was leaving basketball behind once coming to the University of Michigan-Flint. Little did I know, the inaugural season of club basketball on campus would revitalize my joy for basketball.”

Club sports at UM-Flint provide a unique opportunity for students to participate in a sport(s) that they value, or to get involved in an entirely new one. And as mainly a commuter campus, meeting like-minded people can be a difficult task–organizations like this help alleviate that.

The university not only aids interested parties in finding a means to enhance their college experience, it also helps those find other schools with which to compete against.

“My teammates have been working hard to better themselves on and off the court, spark a successful club program and enhance the image of our campus,” said Scheuer. “I would encourage all UM-Flint students to aid in our efforts and promote club basketball at the UM-Flint [campus].”

For further information regarding the upcoming games, contact Alex Green via email at [email protected] or call the Rec Center at 810-762-3441.