The Center for Gender and Sexuality Hosts Woman Crush Wednesday

Since the re-opening of The Center for Gender and Sexuality, events and programs have been created to encourage more inclusivity on campus and inside the center in general. With one of the main goals of the center being to bring in more students, this is a step in the right direction.

One of many new events include Woman Crush Wednesday, held–you guessed it–every Wednesday in the center. Here, students share about a woman who they, well, have a crush on. However, it’s not just about liking someone.

The center provides a positive, non-judgemental environment for students to converse about who these important women are and why they are loved, while also opening up discussions on other related topics.

“There is not really another place to talk about women who have made history that we like a lot on campus,” said Freshman Kassi Perez “[So] being able to put a highlight on women that we crush on in a non-judgemental space is cool.”

Sophomore Nina Patterson, founder of the feminist student organization Feminist Forward, is the co-host of this event and encourages people to come in and join the conversation.

“I think Woman Crush Wednesdays are good, mostly to just hopefully chip away at our ideas of what a leader is,” said Patterson. “These words are kind of typified by masculine ideas but I want you to be able to hear the word woman when you think of leader.”

The Center for Gender and Sexuality is located on the second floor of the UCEN, with the event lasting from 1:45 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Come in, bring a friend and start spreading the love.