Students Sound-Off at Another Chancellor Advisory Town Hall

Bella Biafore and Will Stuart

Dozens of students showed up to voice their opinions at the open community forum last week,  discussing characteristics they believe any potential candidates for chancellor should have.

After a brief opening address from committee co-chair Robert Barnett thanking the students for coming, the floor was open to anyone with questions and concerns.

A common request brought up among the students throughout the forum was for the committee to focus on a candidate’s ability and willingness to be more visible on campus, keeping open communication with everyone.

To do this, students recommended the new chancellor attend more events, especially those put on by student organizations, as well as hosting some themselves. This, according to some of the attendees, will serve to help students get to know them better.

Many expressed their desire for a new chancellor to be susceptible to their needs, whether it is in the classroom or outside of it. This includes any potential candidates willing to garner a meaningful connection to staff and faculty.

One member of the International Student Organization suggested that externally when it comes campus outreach, there needs to be more efforts in marketing the campus to prospective students.

And although campus outreach is valued, one faculty member mentioned the new chancellor should focus more on strengthening UM-Flint internally. This is when ideas to revamp the UCEN were introduced.

In comparison to universities like Michigan State or UM-Ann Arbor, where entering the campus makes students feel excited to be there, UM-Flint members don’t feel the same energy.

Those present were eager to find out how soon they could expect the position to be filled. The committee stated they are hoping to have the new chancellor in office as early as August 1 and, at the latest, the start of the Fall 2019 semester.

Another student open forum will be taking place on Wednesday, Mar. 27 in the UCEN Happenings Room. Doors open at 4 p.m. All are welcome to come and voice their opinion.

For continued feedback, the [email protected] email is still available for anyone who has questions or concerns.