Research Symposium: Students to Teachers to Community to You

Bella Biafore, Writer

Students to Teachers to Community is a research symposium conducted by the education department in order to find better ways to fund schools and explore different teaching techniques.

The goal of this event is to help those who are curious about the teaching profession, as well as give some intel on what it’s like to be a teacher in today’s society.

The symposium will be set up like a gallery, where people can come and view the research students within the department developed, most of it coming from the Beecher Community School District.

For their research, students were given case studies on either school funding or teaching techniques. From there they set out to learn more about how these aspects work and how they could be improved.

The education department first reached out to schools where UM-Flint graduates of the teaching program are working. The department asked the schools what these graduates lack that new graduates should be better versed in. One major concern was the absence of community involvement.

“[Teachers] shouldn’t just show up to class, do what they need to do for their students and then collect their paycheck,” said Graduate Student Travis Carson. “This class teaches us how important it is to be committed to your community. [Teachers] are a part of the community, so by creating this, we wanted to show how important community is as a teacher.”

In terms of what this event brings to UM-Flint, the case studies completed can open the door to a lot of information about being a teacher, as well as highlighting the importance of being present in the community.

“It’s good for UM-Flint students because it teaches them everything, all the interconnections of a community, how one thing can connect another and how you can be mindful of those things,” said Carson.

This information and research can be helpful for those in a variety of other majors outside of education, as well, or could be a great way to learn more about another profession.

The event is open to everyone and will be taking place in the UCEN Happenings Room on Thursday, Apr. 4 from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Food and refreshments will be provided.