Hit Submit, Close Your Laptop and Set Out to Explore Downtown Flint

Bella Biafore, Writer

While Flint has evolved over time with its now many restaurants, new retail stores, events and sports teams, people still find things to complain about. And I have to admit, living in Grand Blanc my whole life (which is less than 20 minutes away from UM-Flint), I used to never consider going to downtown Flint when I was looking for somewhere to spend my day.

But after attending the university for almost two full semesters now, I’ve realized there is so much more to this city than just what’s in the headlines. Here are some gems I’ve discovered that you might be missing out on:


Flint Farmers’ Market

My favorite days of the week are Tuesday and Thursday–mostly because the Flint Farmers’ Market is open. Bustling with people and overflowing with all different kinds of vendors, I never get bored of trying new dishes and visiting friendly faces. Beyond the food (which is awesome, to say the least), there are plenty of small shops where you can buy soy candles, crystals and organic goods. With live music, good eats, a welcoming environment and occasional events, the Market offers a breath of fresh air to the downtown Flint area.

Eight Ten Nail Bar

Offering manicures and pedicures, waxing and even eyelash extensions, there’s a service here for everyone to enjoy. Walking into Eight Ten Nail Bar, not only do you get a sense of luxury and professionalism, but also a strong feeling of comfortability. With the employees seeming happy to be here (as well as the customers), a friendly aura surrounds you while you’re in the building. Besides, who doesn’t love getting pampered every once in a while?

Flint Crepe Company

Going on a first date? Need a quiet place to study? Just looking for some damn good food? The Flint Crepe Company is the perfect place for all three.  

What I love so much about this restaurant is their modern yet rustic aesthetic (a combination not many can pull off–myself included) and how delicious their crepes and specialty beverages are. Serving a variety of flavors from sweet to savory, you can’t go wrong with any order–unless your choice is passing up on the opportunity to eat here. In that case, you have definitely screwed up.

Sailors Mouth Yoga

While there are many ways to de-stress, doing yoga is one of my favorites. However, not just any old yoga, but yoga that encourages blurting out your favorite swear words. If this also is speaking to your inner seaman, look no further than Sailor’s Mouth Yoga. Hosted at a variety of locations, including Mainsail Collective located downtown, it offers an outlet to not only to try out some new positions but to also explore some colorful vocabulary. What’s better than yoga and some good ol’ cussing, am I right?

Longway Planetarium

Nothing says nostalgia like going to the planetarium. In elementary school, I couldn’t wait to run through its glow in the dark halls, lit by planets and star constellations. With shows meant for all ages, the planetarium is a great way to sit back and enjoy the night sky without having to do it in the Michigan cold. Genesee County residents receive 50% off admission with a valid state I.D., making it only $3 to get in. So, next time you don’t feel like going to the movies, a show at the planetarium can serve as a great alternative.