Time to Lace-Up: UM-Flint Students Start Running Club

Donald Lierman , Writer

Students at UM-Flint are attempting to establish a club that will provide a vehicle for anyone interested in healthy pursuits and meeting like-minded individuals.

Junior Elijah Madar’s original goal was to use running for soccer training. His friend, Sophomore Hunter Duehring, suggested they should get some others to join in the fun.

“We learned that one of our friends once ran cross-country in high school and that gave us the idea to create a cross-country club on campus,” said Madar, a mechanical engineering major.  “We weren’t aware of one at UM-Flint. Our goal was to build an organization for fun, to find people with whom to run and recreational use.”

At first, the two were not sure whether to put the group together for entertainment only or to compete with other schools. So when UM-Flint Club Sports Associate Director of Recreational Services Julia Stulock discovered their plans, she offered her assistance.

“She reached out to us and talked about the competitive side of cross-country,” said Madar.  “She mentioned that she used to be a cross-country runner and that if we wanted to create a club team she would be interested in becoming our adviser.

“She (Stulock) provided us with list of a lot of other students that had expressed an interest in becoming involved in an organized fashion with cross-country and/or track and field at the school, but did not have a club available to join.”

That was when the pair decided to make the club a university-sanctioned organization.

“We believe that that the UM-Flint students and ourselves would greatly benefit from having another club added to campus,” said Madar.

For further information, contact Madar at [email protected] or Duehring at [email protected]

According to Stulock, the club has been christened the Running Club.

“The group plans to compete in local road races, as well as the National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA) if there is enough interest from the membership,” said Stulock. “The club would have two seasons, cross-country in the fall and track in the spring.”