Get Ready to Pedal this Summer with Flint City Bike Tours

Donald Lierman , Writer

Well, classes are finished and break beckons. Looking for a way to stay in shape over the coming months? Have you just hidden away on campus and not ventured out to explore the charms of the community? Or do you just want to beat those summertime blues?

Flint City Bike Tours, started by Entrepreneur Emily Doerr, offers six different trips around the city, providing a lot of opportunities to meet and cycle with like-minded individuals, get in shape and even learn something new.

Returning to her roots in Flint to launch her new business, Doerr will be opening the company to tour reservations starting June 1. They can be booked for either two or four-hour jaunts.

Bicyclists can choose between a few different tours featuring different sights, including the Local Automotive History Tour, where one can pedal to Buick City, Factory One and Two, as well as other local landmarks that represent the working man’s David standing up to the automotive Goliath’s. The memorials to the struggle dot the city environs.

The Uniquely Flint Tour offers cyclists an opportunity to visit the sites that further make the city unique. They include the new and old Farmers’ Market, Glenwood Cemetery, the Sit-down Strikers Memorial, the Machine Shop, Totem Bookstore and more.

There is also a Community and Economic Development Tour, Flint Parks and Trails Highlights Tour, Flint Murals Tour and a Bike Bar Crawl Tour.

“These tours were each ones that I thought would be interesting to people,” said Doerr. “They are relevant to Flint. I’ve been able to do enough research to have thoughtful, accurate talking points throughout.

“The tour routes are designed to showcase Flint’s assets and give you an idea of some of the intangible components of the local culture, while also offering honest answers to any tough questions you might have.”

The bike tours are limited to 10 individuals and may be customized to fit a group’s desires.  And don’t worry, there are breaks along the way.

You must wear a helmet and have lights if biking during the dark. And if you don’t have a helmet or bike, no worries–helmets can be rented from Doerr and bikes from either the stand in front of UM-Flint’s Recreation Center or the Farmers’ Market. Make sure you know your hand signals and don’t forget to bring a bike lock for stops, as well.

“The worst case scenario as I see it is that you went for a 2-hour bike ride and had to stretch a bit the next day, so you aren’t sore,” said Doerr. “Best case scenario: you discover an exciting city with so much potential, hear very compelling stories and interact with people and businesses. So, you want to discover more.”

While the city may not always be shown in the most positive light, she is set to change the perception of the city one tour at a time.

“They [those unfamiliar with Flint] need to have a different opportunity to see the city in an approachable way with a friendly local guide who can provide interesting information, answer questions honestly and dispel some of the negative myths that the media perpetuates,” said Doerr.

For more information or to book a tour, visit or e-mail [email protected].