Submit Comments, Questions, Concerns on UM-Flint’s Hear My Voice

Bella Biafore, Writer

While open forums can be a great opportunity for students to speak up about issues on campus or ideas for improvements, not everyone feels comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Hear My Voice, established in 2004, is a platform that offers an alternative outlet for students to share their concerns.

Although Hear My Voice has been available on campus for quite some time, many students are either unaware of what it is (myself previously included), or forgot of its existence entirely.

Hear My Voice is linked to the Division of Student Affairs homepage and is available 24/7 for students to submit comments, concerns, questions and suggestions.

After submitting a comment or concern through the platform, it goes directly to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and is then sent to the appropriate campus department for a response. The only comments not met with a reply are those submitted anonymously.

The amount of submissions that come in vary on the time of year, but the Executive Secretary to the Vice Chancellor Kelly Loury says most come in during the fall and winter time.

Whether the student wishes to be identified or decides to submit an anonymous form, each submission is taken into consideration. While the platform is geared toward students, staff are free to use it.

“It was created in the spirit of community and is operated with the goal of enhancing communication between students and administrators,” said Loury. “Information captured through Hear My Voice will be used to inform our approach in creating a greater sense of inclusion on campus for all of our community members.”

One of the most convenient ways to access Hear My Voice without going to the Division of Student Affairs homepage is through blackboard under the ‘web resources’ tab. Beyond that, free tissue boxes and bookmarks are distributed in the UM-Flint Barnes & Noble to get the word out.

The Faculty Student Concerns Committee is working with University Communications to better promote this method so that hopefully, in the near future, all students are aware that this resource is available.

“This platform ensures that our UM-Flint students can freely offer suggestions, ask questions, express concerns and receive a response,” said Loury.