Public Health Student Organization Looking for Executive Board Members

Bella Biafore, Writer

The UM-Flint Public Health Student Organization (PHSO) is currently searching for motivated students to join its executive board.

PHSO is targeted toward students interested in public health and works to improve, promote and preserve the health of students and the community through service and networking.

In the past, the organization has offered career and resume workshops, held meetings with public health-related guest speakers and has organized their own volunteer events.

With the semester at its end, many spots have opened up on the PHSO executive board. While each position has varying responsibilities, students with all different skill sets have an opportunity to find the role that best suits their abilities.

In an email sent out by current PHSO President Brenna Dressler, the organization is looking for “Individuals who are passionate about public health, have a desire to help others and wish to enhance various skills before graduating and joining the workforce.”

Some of the positions available are president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. While these leadership roles are open for anyone to apply, there are certain requirements to be considered for the position, including:

  • A minimum enrollment of six credit hours for undergraduate students and a minimum of four credit hours for graduate students.
  • Must be enrolled in a degree program at the University of Michigan-Flint.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA or greater, and be in good conduct standing.

In order to be nominated as an executive board member, students must carefully read through the list of requirements (sent via email) for each officer title, then decide which one they would be able to fulfill the best.

Students are being asked to send one to two paragraphs via email explaining why they would be a good asset to the PHSO executive board as well as past experiences and skills that would help them with the position.

“Students should join because we are an organization by the students, for the students. Whatever skills, experiences, opportunities, etc. that the students desire, the organization strives to make it happen,” said Dressler. “Since the organization is only two years old, students have the power to make it into what they want it to be.”

PHSO is also welcoming new members for non e-board positions to help with volunteer activities.

These applications should be sent to either President Dressler or Vice President Zahera Farhan by Friday, Apr. 26. Decisions will be made by the current PHSO executive board and finalized by the end of May.