Attempted Robbery in White Building Parking Lot

Bella Biafore, Writer

According to an email sent out by The Department of Public Safety (DPS), on the evening of Monday, Sep. 9, a member of the campus community was walking to their car in the William S. White parking lot when another individual approached them, attempting to grab items out of their hands. While they were ultimately unsuccessful, the victim was assaulted during the incident. The suspect was last seen fleeing northbound on Saginaw Street. 

In that same email, DPS said the victim described the male suspect as, “Thin, 5’10 [and] in a long white t-shirt.” The email, originally scheduled to be sent out the night of the crime, faced some technical issues and was not received by all students on campus. 

Because of this now-resolved technical error, the email was sent out on Tuesday, Sep. 10 instead. 

“The intention of the communication is to give awareness to the campus community that an incident has occurred,” said Chief Raymond Hall. “As to precise details involving the actual crime, that is a part of the investigation and we don’t share all aspects of the crime in order to ensure that the investigation is not jeopardized.”

Hall went on to say, “Once we identify the individual we will apprehend them and then we will prosecute them in a court of law. So, protecting the detailed information pertaining to the investigation is absolutely critical for the success of the prosecution. We are actively investigating the case and we are in the process of developing suspects.” 

The Department of Public Safety’s ultimate goal is to make sure everyone on campus remains safe and feels comfortable contacting them.

“If you see something, say something. If you’re concerned about your personal safety or the safety of someone else, never hesitate to give us a call,” said Hall. “We treat everyone with respect. We don’t care what you’ve done, what you intended to do or what you may have done in the past, we just want individuals to not hesitate to call us.” 

While DPS does send out crime alerts via email, the information is also on their Facebook page and flyers have been posted on the Residence Hall windows. 

To receive emergency notifications when an ongoing threat is happening on campus, visit the DPS website to sign up for text messages. If you have any questions or concerns regarding public safety, you can reach DPS at (810) 762-3333. 

If you have information regarding the incident at the William S. White Building or saw what happened, DPS encourages you to contact them as soon as possible.