Murchie Science Building Construction Moves Forward

Bella Biafore, Writer

Construction on the Murchie Science Building (MSB) has managed to stay mostly on schedule. The expansion, which adds 66,000 square feet of area to the building, will feature a design studio and multiple engineering labs.

One of the first steps to beginning construction of the new building was to connect the expansion’s structural steel, or in other words, what makes up the basic skeleton of the building, to the existing MSB. This milestone was met over the summer and further work is currently being done to complete the steel structure by October of 2019.

The exterior of the building is slated to be finished by February of 2020.

Due to the nature of the construction, the surrounding classrooms have experienced some minor disruptions regarding the sound. Construction Project Manager Robert Hollenback said the contractor is working with UM-Flint staff to make sure everyone is aware of future issues. 

So far I haven’t noticed much except for the occasional crane hanging over the window mid-class. I will say that, overall, the construction has made parking a nightmare,” said Sophomore Jennah Shah. 

For students worried about parking worsening, Hollenback said, “There should not be any more adjustments to parking. There will be little change in the construction footprint.” 

While it was originally estimated the project would be finished by fall semester of 2020, Hollenback said completion of the expansion will likely be by winter of 2020.

UCEN loop will re-open once the addition is finished but will have some adjustments. This includes a new configuration of the loop making it more of an access drive for pick up and drop-offs as well as more walking space. There will no longer be parking allowed. 

For questions regarding construction or parking, contact Facilities and Operations. If you’re looking to learn more about this new addition, read our previous story that touches on what will be added on the interior of the building.