Xolo: Latin Street Food and Tequila Bar Coming to Flint in November

Will Stuart, Writer

This November, two local restaurateurs and their business partner will be opening downtown Flint’s newest eatery–Xolo: Latin Street Food and Tequila Bar. 

In Spanish, Xolo refers to a Mexican hairless dog, but here you won’t need to worry about looking into any sad eyes and being guilted into sharing your taco–or tequila.

“It’s kind of a funky name and we thought it looked cool so we ran with it,” said Spencer Ruegsegger, who co-owns The Eberson along with Kristy Bearse.

Xolo is the second culinary endeavor for the pair, along with help from their business partner Phil Shaltz. 

Xolo will hold itself to a small menu focused around tacos and traditional dishes like elote (grilled Mexican street corn). Tacos range from the standard beef and chicken to specialty options. While Reuesegger wants to keep the exact details of these private until Xolo’s grand opening, he says they’ll be authentic and unique.

“Everything will be fresh and everything will be made from scratch. I think the real seller over there is that these tacos are going to taste as fresh as they can be, I mean, you can’t really get any fresher.” 

The second aspect of Xolo’s identity is the tequila bar. Ruegsegger explained they’ll have about 50 bottles of tequila with knowledgeable bar staff to help those who may feel intimidated by the full wall.

Apologies to those who are strictly whisky and vodka drinkers, but Xolo wants to remain true to its identity. However, they will have a little something for everyone.

“It will be 90% tequila. If you want whiskey and coke, we will have one bottle. Same with vodka,” said Ruegsegger. “We don’t want to push anyone away, but we want to be what we want to be; a tequila bar.” 

Xolo is taking over the space that once held Table & Tap. This happens to be right across the street from the Eberson–Ruegsegger and Bearse’s first downtown business venture.

The pair had always loved where Table & Tap was and thought it would be the perfect place for Xolo. He explained that since it had a fully-functional kitchen, they could make everything fresh and in-house. 

Another bonus is since the location is across the street from The Eberson, they could add food options to the arcade bar’s menu. They are separate business though, so don’t expect to order tacos at The Eberson.

Along with their business partner Phil Shaltz, Ruegsegger and Bearse purchased Table & Tap in mid-August. The property also includes X cocktail bar, which they will operate but keep the same. 

They plan to open Xolo sometime in November. Since the space already has the necessities for a bar, the turn around time to actually open will be quick. 

Bearse was responsible for the art deco aesthetic of the Eberson and is again helming the design of Xolo. While Ruegsegger was hesitant to give a lot of details as he wants it to be a surprise, he did reveal the theme: funky Latin. Less clay cantina typically seen in a western, more urban and colorful like the new murals that have popped up in Flint.

While hours haven’t been set yet, Xolo will be open to all ages for lunch and dinner service. Look for Xolo: Latin Street Food and Tequila Bar at 555 Saginaw St next month.

“It’ll be unique and be certain definitely unlike anything downtown,” said Reugsegger.