Mid-Michigan Paranormal Researchers Discuss Paranormal Experiences

Mid-Michigan Paranormal Researchers Discuss Paranormal Experiences


Don Lierman, Writer

Is there life after death? Do the dead return to make merry … or to make mayhem?

Chris Peaphon, founder of Mid-Michigan Paranormal Researchers, experienced the paranormal at a young age.

“I was about four when I saw a shadow person at the foot of the bed,” she said. “I pulled the covers over my head. To make sure I was not dreaming I pinched myself. When I gathered enough courage I looked out from beneath the covers.

“The shadow person was still there. It told me, ‘Do not be afraid I am here to help.’ Then it faded away. In the morning I found the bruise from the pinching, so I know I was not dreaming.”

A shadow person is a silhouette of a human form. They are viewed as entities by many who experience them. Scientific explanations include sleep paralysis, sleep deprivation or other physiological/psychological factors. Who is to say which viewpoint is correct? It all has to do which faith, or fear, to which you adhere.

Paranormal investigators do not walk into a sight, get the heebie-jeebies and run home crying ghost. There is a subjective and objective process involved.

“After being contacted by someone who requests our assistance the group does a background check on the property,” said Peaphon. “I do not see that prior to my initial investigation, because as a medium, I want to perform my reading without outside influence.  

“Before I begin, I say an invocation that will prevent any entities contacted to use my energy or person. The prayer is used to prevent any possession or attachment.

“We use a variety of devices to sense activity, a visual recorder, an EVP recorder, an EMF detector, a SB7 spirit box as well as a camera. With the camera we take two or three shots in quick succession of a subject in case the first misses the action. Also, we take extra batteries for all devices as sometimes there is an unexplained power drain.”

They also use the historic dowsing process. Also called divining, the object is to pick up on energy from an object. An Electronic Voice Phenomena recorder gathers spirit voices either intentionally or unintentionally produced via the device. The EMF (electromotive force) and the REM-Pod sense electromagnetic fields. The SB7 spirit box is a means for spirit to respond to simple questions.

Why say an invocation before beginning? Many naysayers would label this as unscientific methodology from the get-go.

“Don’t play with the supernatural unless you know what you are doing,” said Peaphon. “You are opening a door. That door doesn’t hinder whatever walks through it. Unless you are informed and aware a portal can be an opening, and anything can pass through.

“What you see as harmless is seen on the other side as simply an invitation. Using a Ouija board can be such an enticement to any lingering entities.”

In addition to any potential supernatural harm, the use of a Ouija board is viewed by some as a sin; by others as a tap into the subconscious mind which may have dire consequences with those who possess fragile psyches.

“When I was young I played with the Ouija at a friend’s,” said Peaphon. “After we finished we put it back in the closed without closing the session.  

“Later, in the evening I heard a growling sound from the closet and saw two red eyes peering from the bottom by the Ouija Board. I was so affected that I kept repeating the Lord’s Prayer until morning. In the morning my friend found three bloody scratches that ran from the base of her neck to the lower back. They were in a place where it was impossible to have been self-inflicted.

“Later, that family had many emotional problems. The house took on such an oppressive atmosphere that I never returned.”

Another hazard of paranormal research is attachment by spirits or other entities from where you visit. What is this attachment? That is when a spirit latches onto the living for either positive or negative reasons. Some attachments are described as parasitic.

Not only psychic harm can take place, dire physical and mental consequences can occur. Peaphon has experienced an attachment and can bear witness to the results.

“Once I went into an investigation without part of my usual protection,” she said. “When I returned home, my dogs kept looking into space and barking at things that were not there. Then I saw a towel from its rack straighten itself and a luffa flew across the bath.

“I got my recorder and told anything out there to ‘whistle for the dogs if you can.’ When I played it back, a male’s voice deep and growly said, ‘I’ll not whistle, I’ll hurt you,’ I immediately performed a spiritual cleansing.  

“After banishing, three knocks were later heard from outside when no one was there as the being tried to get in. I told my husband not to respond as that would be an invitation. He didn’t and things ultimately returned to normal.”

If you are interested in learning more, visit the Mid Michigan Paranormal Researchers’ Facebook page or perform an internet search … the scariest haunt of all for me.