Entrepreneur Society Takes Home Global Chapter of the Year at CEO Conference

Bella Biafore, Writer

UM-Flint’s Entrepreneur Society recently attended the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization Conference in Tampa, FL where members were awarded Global Chapter of the Year. 

The CEO Conference is held annually and usually sees about 250 colleges across the U.S being represented. 

The conference is primarily focused on entrepreneurship, providing a medley of different speakers and break-out sessions for students to go and explore topics of interest. 

Alongside the speakers and various mini-sessions, awards are given out each year with the highest honor being Global Chapter of the Year. 

“Global chapter award of the year is the most important one and it is awarded to the CEO Club that has demonstrated excellence in developing its organization, its leaders and offering a comprehensive and meaningful entrepreneurship experience,” said ES member and UM-Flint Junior Giorgia Pasqui. 

While anyone is able to apply for the award, the stakes are high and additional work must be put-in to the application process. 

“ … [the application] requires writing a paper and making a video explaining all of our past year accomplishments and how our society has improved membership, leadership and engaged with the school and the community,” said Pasqui. “Based on these submissions, the top three schools will be picked and then they will present during the first day of the conference.”

After making it to the top three, UM-Flint ES members were given only five minutes to present their material in front of the conferences’ audience. 

For the club’s members, this award was a reminder of all the hard work they have done and set the bar for how high their accomplishments could proceed. 

“This is the first time ever UM-Flint has come home with such a big award. It meant so much for our organization to win this because we really felt like all of our hard work has paid off and being recognized for,” said Pasqui. “We all put our heart and soul into the daily operations behind our organization, as well as in the application process for this award and being able to win and to prove to everyone and ourselves that we are the best CEO club globally was absolutely incredible.”