Here is What You Missed at Student Government’s First Meeting of 2020


Santiago Ochoa

SG continues to find ways to engage with students during quarantine.

Santiago Ochoa, Managing Editor

UM-Flint’s Student Government held its first General Assembly of the 2020 Winter semester on Wednesday, Jan. 1.

President Nickxit Bhardwaj started the meeting off by highlighting some of SG’s accomplishments in the Fall semester. According to Bhardwaj, SG, along with other donors, has managed to secure two years’ worth of funding for The Wolverine Food Den, UM-Flint’s student food pantry. This puts SG two years closer to its goal of securing three years’ worth of funding for the pantry. 

Other successes included the arrival of Flint-based Kuhmute scooters to campus. The scooters, which started dotting the campus in the Fall of 2019, were received positively by students according to Bhardwaj. The installation of charging hubs for the scooters on campus is slated to begin in the spring of 2020.

Director of Financial Affairs Mustafa Salim, noted the increased presence of free scantrons and bluebooks across campus thanks to an effort by SG to make these resources more available. 

This was followed by Director of Legal Affairs Carl Grolle, who announced the completion of SG’s newest draft for a constitution. Changes to the constitution included the use of gender-neutral pronouns, the removal of vestigial language regarding a long-gone judiciary branch for SG and new impeachment procedures. The change to these procedures comes as a direct result of the removal of language regarding the defunct SG court. 

A copy of the new constitution can be found taped to the center window of The Loft in the UCEN’s third floor and online on SG’s webpage. The draft will be voted on by the UM-Flint student body later in the winter semester. The day to vote is yet to be announced. 

Other updates included the ongoing creation of an inter-university student government coalition helmed by Director of Foreign Outreach Samantha Uptmore. The coalition aims to increase communication between the student governments of Michigan’s 15 public universities. 

Sen. Angela Wang announced the possibility of a collaboration with the Center for Gender and Sexuality following the success of last semester’s Anxiety Workshop. 

SG’s Advisor, Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students Julie Snyder, PhD, announced the beginning of elections for SG president and vice president for the 20/21 term. Six informational sessions open to all students will be held between Jan. 21 and 27. Sessions times are yet to be announced. 

Two bills were presented during the meeting. Bill 2020-01 allocates $1100 of SG’s budget toward lunchboxes for the SIL Student Summit, a workshop centered around teaching student organizations the proper channels through which to request funding, reserve meeting spaces as well as providing education on making clubs more inclusive. 

Bill 2020-02 allocates $250 toward cholesterol and glucose screenings at UM-Flint’s upcoming Health and Fitness Fair. The fair will be held at the UM-Flint Recreation Center on Thursday, Jan. 23 from 1-6 p.m.

Both bills will be voted on during next week’s meeting.

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