Recap of Student Government’s General Assembly for Wednesday, Jan. 15


Santiago Ochoa

Student Government President, Nickxit Bhardwaj, swears in two new SG senators.

Ryan Lanxton, Writer

This week’s Student Government meeting saw a few changes to the membership and new bills adopted for upcoming events. 

At the beginning of the meeting, two new senators took their oaths of office and were introduced for the first time as members of the government.

One of the new senators, Jordan McNaughton, is a junior majoring in nursing. He says his motivation for joining stemmed from his work in his high school’s student government. Wanting to become more involved on campus, he set his eye on UM-Flint’s Student Government.

Levi Todd was also sworn in as a senator. A sophomore majoring in political science, he is aiming to bring more interaction among the diverse group of students across campus.

Following the introductions, President Nickxit Bhardwaj announced that Student Government is still looking for a Director of Student Affairs and is planning to conduct interviews in the coming weeks. 

Moreover, President Bhardwaj reported on the latest Academic Affairs Committee meeting he attended. He brought up the subject of possibly including the cost of software necessary for certain classes within financial aid packages as well as revisiting the university’s attendance policy, which currently requires a signed doctor’s note or something of the like to be validated. He argues that many students do not have health insurance and therefore are not always going to hospitals when the legitimate need arises. 

Director of Legal Affairs Carl Grolle announced that voting will open for the ratification of a new draft of the SG constitution on Monday, Jan. 27 at 8 a.m. and will close at midnight on the same day. 

Vice President Queen Odira mentioned she had collected 30 comments from students around campus regarding possible improvements to the food situation. She will be meeting with the food advisory board tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 15. For those who wish to share their concerns regarding this topic or any other, Vice President Queen announced SG will be tabling from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 21 on the third floor of the UCEN. 

Director of Student Organizations and Partnership Board Kamryn Hoadly mentioned a new club called Global Brigade had applied for volunteer student organization status. Global Brigade focuses on offering students the opportunity to gain medical experience while traveling abroad by hosting missions to countries like Ghana and Honduras, among others. 

Senator Angela Wang reported she was looking into creating an anxiety support group based on the popular anxiety workshop she hosted last semester. 

To cap off the meeting, two bills proposed at last week’s assembly were voted on. Bill 2020-01 sought to approve a maximum of $1,100 for the purchase of lunchboxes for the student organization summit this Friday. The bill passed unanimously.

Another bill, 2020-02, asked for approval of a maximum of $250 to purchase cholesterol and glucose screenings for the Health and Fitness Fair hosted by the UM-Flint Rec Center on Thursday, Jan. 23. This bill also passed unanimously, set to cover the cost of 50 cholesterol and glucose screenings. 

Finally, if any students are interested in joining Student Government for the 2020-2021 academic year, it is a requirement to attend the information sessions through the current semester. The next information session is on Tuesday, Jan. 22 from 4 to 5 p.m. in 331 French Hall.

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