Recap of Student Government’s General Assembly for Wednesday, Feb. 19


Photo by Ryan Lanxton

Senators King, Wang and Todd vote to approve Senate Bill 2020-004, approving funds to pay for prizes for the upcoming Fire Pit talent competition.

Ryan Lanxton, Writer

This week’s Student Government General Assembly saw several bills passed for upcoming events.

To start the meeting, President Nickxit Bhardwaj announced he was working closely with UM-Flint’s Institutional Analysis to see what the Go Blue Guarantee would look like at UM-Flint. 

Their initial rough estimate is the program would cost the university approximately $5.6 million, the funding for which could come from Ann Arbor or through another source. Bhardwaj said details are yet to be solidified.

He is also working alongside Director of Financial Affairs Mustafa Salim to review audits of all organizations that have applied for funding over the past semester, hoping to have them completed soon.

Vice President Queen Odirah wanted to remind students who are applying for the Fire Pit Talent Show that they can come by the Student Government office in 364 UCEN and have their performance recorded there. Contestants will also be able to submit their own recordings online.

Marcus Williams, the director of student affairs, proposed a new idea to have the University of Michigan Board of Regents meetings live-streamed to campus. By doing so, Williams hopes students will be able to still be involved with the university’s affairs even if they are unable to attend in-person.

Following Williams, Director of Foreign Outreach Samantha Uptmor wanted to remind students about next month’s trip to Lansing where they can testify in front of several committees in support of more higher education funding across the state. Students interested in testifying or attending should email Uptmor at [email protected].

Uptmor also added that internships will be available for the presidential debate, which will be hosted in Ann Arbor in October of this year. For those who would like to apply, a link to the application will be provided in the Student Government’s minutes when updated. 

Director of Web and Technology Logan Jorrey and Vice President Odirah are planning to travel to Mott Community College tomorrow to meet with its new student body government. They hope to highlight key areas in which the two SG’s can collaborate.

A disagreement broke out over the potential implementation of charging stations being installed around campus. Issues over funding, how many to buy and where they would be installed split the room, resulting in the issue being tabled for another day.

Salim, during his university report, said $1,070 was approved for Block Club to help fund their alumni basketball game which will be held sometime next month.

Finally, the three bills proposed last week were voted on. Senate Bill 2020-003, seeking funding to help host next week’s Food and Housing Forum, was unanimously approved. Senate Bill 2020-004 was also passed unanimously, approving $500 to buy prizes for the Fire Pit Talent Show. 

Finally, Senate Bill 2020-005 was unanimously approved to allow for $100 to be paid to each recognized organization that participates in CGS’ inclusion training. Up to five organizations can participate, meaning a maximum of $500 can be paid.