Recap of Student Government’s General Assembly for Wednesday, March 11


Ryan Lanxton

Student Government President Nickxit Bhardwaj reads a letter addressed to the UM-Flint student body.

Ryan Lanxton, Writer

In the wake of all classes being transitioned to online until Tuesday, April 21, UM-Flint’s Student Government held their weekly meeting Wednesday night.

Much of the discussion and information brought up during the meeting was connected to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in Michigan, with many members seemingly somber at the news of many events being cancelled. 

To start the meeting, President Nickxit Bhardwaj read a letter addressed to the entire student body concerning the recent class cancellations. He also addressed the threat the virus could pose and offered words of advice and encouragement to students and faculty.

Following Bhardwaj, Vice President Queen Odira announced that the Fire Pit Talent Show competition will still be happening and contestants will be able to submit their entries online. For those who finish in the top three, prizes will now most likely be mailed.

Director of Financial Affairs Mustafa Salim gave an update on the various account balances for the semester. He reported there is $19,490 in the Funding Board Account, $13,800 in the Senate account, and $13,296 in the administration account. These numbers will be continually updated throughout the semester.

After Salim’s report, Director of Student Affairs Marcus Williams said the recent Food and Housing forum was a success, with many questions and concerns being addressed at the meeting. Comments left in the event’s suggestion box were then answered by Picasso and UM-Flint representatives via email.

During Julie Snyder’s report, the faculty advisor for Student Government, she wanted to make sure all students were staying aware of the situation regarding class cancellations. Because new information is being learned daily, she said “never before has it been more important to check your email regularly.”

Senators Angela Wang and Jordan McNaughton said their campus-wide health screening event will have to be cancelled as there won’t be any students on campus to keep the event viable. 

Sen. Donald Weismiller announced Campus Games in the Rec Center is being cancelled. Additionally, Sen. Fernando Medina said Hall Council’s events and meetings throughout the semester have been cancelled. 

Bhardwaj also announced the cancellation of the open forum meeting with Chancellor Deba Dutta, which was originally scheduled for Monday, March 16. However, Bhardwaj said he and Dutta will work to make sure other means of expressing concerns and comments to the chancellor will remain open.

Later into the general assembly meeting, two new senate bills were proposed. Sponsored by Director of Web and Technology Logan Jorrey and Sen. Caleb Carter, Senate Bill 2020-006 asked for $4,000 to buy five to six new wall-mounted charging ports for Kuhmute Scooters, which will be coming to campus in spring.

Senate Bill 2020-007 asked for a maximum of $500 to go towards purchasing six new chargers for use in the library. These will include laptop, smartphone and tablet chargers.

Finally, elections for new members of Student Government will still take place online. Information on each candidate and election procedures will still be sent out through email to students so they can stay updated on the process.

Students can also refer to the interviews made by The M-Times Insider featuring the two SG presidential candidates.