Election Results for UM-Flint’s Student Government


Santiago Ochoa

University of Michigan-Flint Student Government’s Director of Foreign Outreach Samantha Uptmor has been voted in as SG’s next president.

Ryan Lanxton, Writer

Election results for the UM-Flint Student Government were released on the morning of Friday, March 27 and saw two major changes to the board.

Samantha Uptmor, a junior and political science major who currently serves as director of foreign affairs, will now serve as the president of Student Government. She has helped spearhead UM-Flint’s efforts to join the Student Coalition for Higher Education Funding coalition, or SCHEF, amongst other universities across the state. 

“With everything going on, I’m excited more than anything to hit the ground running and really see what we can do for students,” Uptmor said. “I think that involves putting the best team possible to serve students.”

Despite her excitement, Uptmor is worried by the current COVID-19 situation and how it will affect her presidency. “I think COVID-19 as a whole has thrown everyone through the wringer … It’s really difficult to say how it’s gonna shape the presidency. I think it’s gonna be a challenge but it’s something we’re gonna face head-on and really try to work around and work through …” Uptmor said. 

Uptmor’s running mate, Carl Grolle, a sophomore majoring in engineering and the current director of legal affairs will be joining SG the next academic year as its vice president. He has recently worked on getting the new Student Government Constitution ratified and completing changes to the Unified Student Code.

Two senator positions were also filled. Angela Wang, a graduate student in the MBA program, was able to secure re-election to her senator seat. Her main focus is on the health and well-being of the students on campus, especially their mental well-being.

Donald Weismiller was also re-elected to his senator position. A junior political science major, he wants to work towards increasing student involvement and bettering campus life for everyone. 

Each position will be filled by the winners at the start of the new Student Government term on April 29, 2020.