Recap of Student Government’s General Assembly for Wednesday, April 8


Photo by Ryan Lanxton

Student Government Continues to Operate through BlueJeans

Ryan Lanxton, Writer

This week’s online Student Government Assembly saw several pieces of old business voted on and a visit from members of UM-Flint’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee.

David Luke, PhD, and Jan Furman, PhD, co-chairs of the DEI committee, spoke with members of Student Government to reaffirm the two organizations’ support for each other.

Luke and Furman also wanted to emphasize the need to reach out to students and the various organizations across campus to make sure everyone’s voice is being heard, or what they call the “culture of inclusion.” To them, when everyone is able to contribute, better outcomes can be found.

After a lengthy question and answer session between Luke, Furman and members of Student Government, President Nickxit Bhardwaj presented his report for the meeting. He announced that the contract for the installation of Kuhmut scooters on campus has been approved by the General Counsel office in Ann Arbor.

Approval of the contract was the last step needed to go forward with the integration. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, it’s not clear when the scooters will be able to be implemented but the hope is sometime during the spring or summer semesters.

Finishing his report, Bhardwaj announced the approval of Model UN as the newest VSO on campus. Senator Donald Weismiller extended his thanks as the organization was founded and is headed by him.

Following this, Director of Foreign Affairs Samantha Uptmor announced the first meeting of the Student Coalition for Higher Education Funding was held last week. The meeting was attended by representatives from universities across Michigan, including GVSU, SVSU and CMU.

The assembly ended with several items presented last week being voted on. Senate Bill 2020-008, which asked for funds to send the incoming president and vice president, Uptmor and Carl Grolle, to Washington DC to attend a leadership conference, was unanimously passed.

Two charters were also unanimously approved by the assembly. Small edits and wording were also made to the Funding Board charter and the new Student Organization Recognition Board.